Remoaners Go Judge Shopping

by TR News
Another Headache For Boris

We have highlighted the fact that Remoaners will use lawfare to get what they want. Remoaners go Judge shopping and finally get a decision they wanted.

If At First You Don’t Succeed

We have previously highlighted the fact that the Brexit betrayers of Parliament attempted to use lawfare to stop the proroguing of Parliament and deal Boris a bloody nose.

You can read about that HERE.

Parliamentary remainers have sought an audience with various Judges in the UK in an attempt to get a decision they wanted. The first case was heard in Edinburgh by Lord Doherty, who said:

“In my opinion, there has been no contravention of the rule of law. Parliament is the master of its own proceedings. It is for Parliament to decide when it sits. Parliament can sit before and after prorogation.”

That decision was made on the 4th of September.


Wealthy Activist Attacks

Gina Miller is an ardent “remainiac” businesswoman who won a major legal case against the Conservative government which stopped them from leaving the European Union without parliamentary approval. You can read more about her and that decision HERE.

Anti-Brexit Gina Miller

Activist Anti-Brexit Gina Miller

Gina set about taking the Conservative government to court again over the proroguing of Parliament, but on that occasion, her case was dismissed. Although dismissed by lord chief justice, Lord Burnett of Maldon, Sir Terence Etherton and Dame Victoria Sharp, the case was granted permission for appeal at the supreme court.

Shopping For The Right Judge

More than 70 Ministers of Parliament (including members of the SNP) went Judge shopping. They did this to cast a wide legal net in the hope that at least one Judge would rule that Boris’s proroguing of Parliament was “unlawful”.

Although Lord Doherty ruled that there was “no contravention of the rule of law” concerning the proroguing issue that was not the end of the political drama. The case against the government was heard again in Scotlands highest civil court by Lord Carloway who ruled that the proroguing of Parliament was, in fact, unlawful after all.

Boris Fighting Back

The Conservative government is confident it will win its case at the supreme court. The case is due to be heard on Tuesday the 17th of September where the issue of Parliamentary prorogation should come to a final legal conclusion.

The political dramas of Brexit go on, and on, and on.

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