Release The Muslim Child Rape Gang Report!

by TR News

To keep you all up to date, below is an email sent from our friends and colleagues at Hearts Of Oak to the Parliamentary Petitions Committee. We will continue to apply pressure on the government to release their findings. Release The Muslim Child Rape Gang Report!

For more than forty years there has been cover ups and silence, we cannot and will not tolerate any more cover ups for “the sake of diversity” or “community cohesion”.

The truth must be made public, refusing to do so and hiding the truth could lead to mass civil disobiedience on a scale never seen before.

The survivors of grooming gangs and their families deserve an answer. The British public need to know the tell tale signs (characteristics) of these child raping monsters, their motivations and their beliefs, so that we can as a country can effectively work towards protecting vulnerable children now and in the future.

Here is the email:


8th May, 2020

To all members of the Parliamentary Petitions Committee

Dear Members of Parliament,

In July 2018 to great fanfare and with much public support, then Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced a Home Office review into “the characteristics and contexts” of grooming gangs which he denounced three months later as having “disgraced our (Pakistani) heritage”.

This unique form of child sexual abuse which is (a) carried out in gangs rather than by lone paedophiles; and (b) racist insofar as the perpetrators are predominantly of Pakistani and/or Muslim background and the victims are overwhelmingly underage white English girls, constitutes the greatest social crime in the UK since slavery 200 years ago.

Sarah Champion MP for Rotherham reckons that there may be up to 1 million victims of the grooming gangs, and certainly this profound evil has been perpetrated on many thousands of girls nationwide for decades.

And it is still occurring. There were 19,000 victims of grooming gangs last year according to official statistics published in December. That is, another 19,000 children have been brutalised and had their lives ruined by predatory gangs.

A week after Mr Javid’s resignation in February the Home Office made it clear in a response to a formal FOI request by The Independent that the results of their investigation into this nationwide wickedness and cruelty would not be published as it is “not in the public interest”, and that their use will be available solely for the Home Office’s own internal policy-making purposes. See:

Precisely because of this secrecy and refusal to publish the results, in early March Hearts of Oak launched Parliamentary e-petition 300239 under my signature, entitled “Release the Home Office’s Grooming Gang Review in full”. The petition now has over 120,000 signatures which makes it eligible for Parliamentary debate.

On 24th April the Home Office responded to the e-petition by again affirming that the investigation is now relegated to “internal fact-finding work” and will be merely part of internal departmental policy development.

In her 5th May letter to the Home Secretary, the Chair of the Petitions Committee pointed to the slowness and inadequacy of this response.

But the Home Office has now made it abundantly clear twice that it does not intend to publish the report, so there is no reason for further delay.

I write to urge you to organise the debate as soon as possible. The scourge of the grooming gangs continues unabated, and up and down the country thousands of terrified children are being subjected to their depravity. Yet the Home Office from their well-appointed office in Whitehall smugly declares that publication of the report is unnecessary and inappropriate.

Please rescue us all from this unbearable Civil Service complacency, and speak up for the children.

I urge you and our elected representatives in the House of Commons to hold the debate.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Wong

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