Proud Boys – Politically Persecuted And Politically Prosecuted

by TR News
Antifa Fascists

Being an enemy of a political state comes at a cost, Tommy knows this better than most. Proud Boys – Politically Persecuted And Politically Prosecuted.

Useful Idiots Of The Political Left

Antifa are the useful violent radical left-wing militants of the Labour Party here in Britain. Antifa are the useful violent radical left-wing militants of the Democrats in the USA. We have issues with Antifa as they seek to confront, disrupt and attack anyone who’s slightly to the right of Karl Marx.

We have had a fair few run-ins with Antifa and their affiliates over the years. They hide behind a fake slogan of “Anti-Fascism” which allows them to get away with assaults, disorder, disruption and disinformation. Who in the right mind would object to an “Anti-Fascist”?

We object to them because they tar everyone who dont agree with their world view as a “Nazi”, a “white supremacist” or a “bigoted xenophobe”. Their preferred pejoratives purposefully slander and defame Western Chauvinists, Nationalists, Conservatives, Libertarians, Free-Speech Advocates and even Classical Liberals.

Proud Boy

A Convicted Nazi Proud Boy With His Aryan Family

Their labels make it easier for lazy mainstream media and the gutter press to build a narrative around a soundbite, as if they care about the truth?

The press are overwhelmingly left-leaning both in Britain and in the USA, they are the enablers and defenders of Antifa. Antifa is a confrontational, militant radical tool of left-wing political parties, useful idiots supported by powerful political clout.

Gavin McInnes perfectly dissects the recent political persecution and political prosecution of two Proud Boys who dared to defend themselves from an attacking mob of Antifa radicals. Defending yourself can get you landed in prison if you support the wrong type of politics.

It’s as if the political establishment actually want to cause an armed revolution? That’s a dangerous game to play because it will drive people to the extremes. What are people supposed to do? Let Antifa attack them?

Our thoughts go out to the two Proud Boys who have just been served a big fat pile of “Democrat Justice” because they dared to stand up to the Democrats useful, radical, militant idiots of Antifa.

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