PROOF : Tommy Robinson PROTESTORS Are Just Paid Thugs

by TR News

When Tommy visited Birkenhead yesterday, he was met by another cheering crowd of local working-class support who were eager to hear his views while he is continuing his campaign as a candidate to become an MEP.

Avi was with him, and as usual, a scruffy busload of far-left counter -protestors arrived shouting the usual non-sensical far-left talking points, “Nazi scum off our streets” were the chants of choice by these paid-up union members. You would think that perhaps they would try and figure out a different incantation by now; however, that would involve them using the single brain cell they have between them?

Its a problematic ask we know!

Anyway, Avi took the time to speak with a local vicar who knows the area and the local population well (as he should), and it seems that the counter-protestors were not all that local after all! How ironic when they are chanting for Nazis (and we didn’t see any goose-stepping bonehead Nazis supporting Tommy) to “get off their streets.” The locals from the estate didn’t even know them; their accents were anything but “local.”

Lo and behold, they are not your streets, but that’s the robotic mindless left for you. The vicar was kind enough to confirm that as far as he could see, the entire crowd supporting Tommy were, in fact, locals from the estate he was visiting. Another own goal by the insane left.

While standing by the counter-protestors, Avi was shouted at by an old union member waving a placard mounted on a stick, he asked a simple question, “whos Nazi scum?” The tolerant left-wing nutjob tried to hit him with the sign, and a female police officer intervened.

Avi tried again, but the spitting cabbage patch kid lookalike just got more incensed. How dare a Jew support Tommy Robinson!


A Salivating, Spitting Elderly Cabbage Patch Kid

The crowd with Tommy were peaceful, tolerant and went about their “local” business with class and distinction. The stinking, scruffy looney-left acted like the truly intolerant and violent agitators we have all come to know and love so much.

The left is only at peace when you think like them; it’s hard to think with a single shared brain cell though.

Vote Tommy!


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