PROOF – MET Police Stonewalling Requests – Release Footage!

by TR News

Political correctness is a sickness that has infected and diminished British institutions like the Police. PROOF – MET Police Stonewalling Requests – Release Footage!

No Justice No Police!

Yesterday Tommy released a statement about Dawn Butler the race-baiting Labour MP for Brent Central. In his statement, he encouraged people to email the MET Police force and ask them to release all the officer’s bodycam footage of the alleged “racist stop and search” that Dawn Butler posted online. You can read more about that by clicking HERE.

TR.News has received feedback on how those “requests” have been dealt with by the Metropolitan Police Force. Before we go into any detail about that, we thought it best to show the general public, screen by screen, what it is we asked them to do. We provided everyone with a link to the MET Police webpage so that they could be contacted to “discuss something else” – the “discuss something else” is something vital to keep in mind right now.

So how did we get to this specific link on the MET Police webpage? Below is a short video showing exactly how we got there, this is very important “for context” because the MET Police right now are playing games with people. MET Police are abusing using laws and legislation that “permits a person to make a complaint” so they don’t have to answer the “request”.

Nobody has sent in a “complaint” through the MET Police website; people made “requests” asking them to release ALL the officer’s bodycam footage as suggested by the MET Police Federation. It’s a simple enough request, we the general public would like some transparency, we need to know whether or not Dawn Butler’s allegation of an “institutionally racist vehicle stop and search” was carried out “because Dawn Butler and her friend are black”.

It’s really not rocket science. It’s a straightforward request – NOT A COMPLAINT!

As you can see by watching the above video, the MET Police contact page gives you multiple options to contact them about:

1 – A Crime that has already been reported
2 – A matter involving driving, vehicles or a road traffic incident
3 – Contacting a member of staff or team
4 – Saying thanks or making a complaint
5 – Something else

It is obvious we clicked on the option “something else” which means we did not click on the tab to “say thanks or make a COMPLAINT”. The website then took us to another page with three more options.

I’d like to:

1 – Report lost or found property
2 – Get information about the Police for coursework or academic research
3 – Discuss something else

Clearly, we clicked on the option to “discuss something else” which then took us to a page that allows us to “send a general enquiry”. From there, people were able to make REQUESTS to the MET Police asking them to release ALL the footage of the officers encounter with Dawn Butler and her “black friend”.

So how did the MET Police Force respond? Remember, at no point has anyone clicked on the tab to “make a complaint”, we asked the general public to contact the MET “to discuss something else”.

Here is the generic reply from the MET Police. They don’t seem to want to release bodycam footage of the officers present when Labour MP Dawn Butler alleges “a racial motive” for being pulled over. This cannot stand!

Metropolitan Police Force Reply


Take Action!

So what can we do? Do we just let this go and not push any further to hold people to account, or do we push harder for transparency and justice?

For those of you who would like to pursue this matter again, you can do so; it is perfectly legal. There is a “public interest” to get to the bottom of the “racially motivated stop and search” that Dawn Butler has publicly alleged.

TR.News has produced another draft that you can send to the MET Police via their website, copy and paste below:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have come to you after navigating your website, following its prompts and multiple choices by choosing the following options:

On your contact page (Link – I chose “something else”.

On your contact page (Link – I chose “discuss something else”.

On your contact page (Link – I clicked on the “Start” tab because it gives me the option to send you “a general enquiry”.

Here is my “general enquiry”.

Please note I am not making a “complaint”. I am not suggesting that I have been “adversely affected” by anything, nor am I “a witness” to anything. I am simply a concerned citizen of the United Kingdom who has some questions that I would like to have answered. This specifically relates to a roadside stop and search conducted by some of your officers on the 9th of August 2020, one that involved Dawn Butler (Labour MP for Brent Central) in Hackney.

My “general enquiry” asks a few questions regarding that specific “roadside stop and search”.

1) Can the Metropolitan Police Force release the officer’s bodycam footage of the entire incident?

2) If the answer to the above is yes – Will the Metropolitan Police Force release the officer’s bodycam footage of the entire incident? If not why not?

3) Do you believe there is a “public interest” to have the footage released so the general public can see and hear exactly what happened on the day?

I look forward to hearing your response in due course.

Kind regards

Dont forget to send it on this link HERE.

Again, as before, if you want to send us any replies to that request, then please do so at

Don’t forget that you can also hold Dawn Butler MP to account because of her race-baiting and her lies via the Committee on Standards in Public Life. You can email them on

You can also contact Kathryn Stone OBE who is the current Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards; you can email and complain about Dawn Butler MP to

Make sure you quote paragraph 17 of The Code of Conduct for Members of Parliament. In that email, you may want to explain Dawn’s lie about being pulled over by Police and her alleging the stop and search was “racially motivated” has “damaged the reputation of the whole House of Commons”.

Again we would love to hear any responses you have from any of these sources; you can forward any replies to

The only way we can make a political change and hold these far-left/Marxist Labour race-baiting politicians to account is by relentlessly persuing them and hold them to account for their actions, behaviours and their false allegations.


Do not tire, do not give in, do not capitulate, never surrender!

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