Project Fear And The Drugs Shortage

by TR News

Remoaners tend to be “left-leaning”, and that is certainly represented in the majority of the House of Commons. Today we take a look at whether or not project fear and the drugs shortage is a real thing.


Most people will have heard about “project fear” a strategy to scare people out of voting for Brexit. Leaving the EU would bring the world to a stop, we would have traffic congestions, food shortages, chaos at the ports. Imports and exports would suffer, the economy would go into a massive recession. Voting for Brexit is a vote to take away your neighbour’s job, Emily Thornberry said.

Perhaps the one issue that has caused the most panic from the remoaning Anti-Brexit project fear propagandists is that Brexit would deliver the NHS a huge drugs shortage. We can now add this to the propaganda – delivering Brexit would literally kill people! As if the European Union is some kind of umbilical cord sustaining the United Kingdom?

The DeathByBrexit hashtag has trended on Twitter for quite some time now.

Death By Brexit

Death By Brexit

George Galloway Prescribes A Dose Of Reality

Just a simple Google search for the term “Brexit No Medicine” will bring up a plethora of sensationalist articles.

Business Insider goes with – No-deal Brexit documents reveal UK councils expect food and medicine shortages and civil unrest.

Reuters goes with – No-deal Brexit could deepen Europe’s shortage of medicines – experts.

Politico goes with – Patients on both sides of Irish border face medical risks in no-deal Brexit.

These are just a few of the very many sensationalist panicky headlines that are out there. The government is out to kill those who need drugs, and the only thing that can save us is the European Union.

Since operation fear did not prevent Brexit from happening, the Europhiles in Parliament have set off another strategy – pushing propaganda on Operation Yellowhammer.

For anyone who has not been reading the papers or watching the news, the government produced a document that outlines THE VERY WORST CASE SCENARIO of a No-Deal Brexit. The memo got out into the public domain and hey presto – more panic for those cheerful remainers. It was no doubt an excellent political strike by them.

We are not exactly fans of George Galloway who is about as far-left as you could probably get in politics, we do not agree with him on most subjects. Ideologically George is usually a million miles away from us. Just this once, we agree with him on the Brexit drugs shortage. If George Galloway can see through the guff of remaining scaremongers then so should everyone else.

London is not Wagadoogoo, Britain is not Burkina Faso, we will not have medicine shortages – AMAZING!

Who would have thought, George galloway, the Brexiteer, giving it straight to his fellow “lefties”.

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