Prince Charles FALLS ASLEEP During State Dinner!

by TR News

Donald Trump’s visit to the U.K. served up a lot of pretty despicable fake-news headlines. Where has the “news” gone?


Are we in an era where nowadays “news” has been supplanted by “clickbait” headlines, “sensationalist” exaggerations and out and out LIES?

We are indeed in an Orwellian time; free speech is now hate speech, truth is now a lie and feelings matter more than facts, probably out of fear for hurting snowflake sensibilities.

A Fox news affiliate captured the video above; they covered Donald Trump at the Queen’s state banquet. Her Majesty was kind, sincere and welcoming as she always has been. PRESIDENT Donald J Trump was equally so, his recognition of the American and British “special relationship” together with his admiration for “patriots” on both sides of the pond who fought against the Nazi regime went down well with the British public, well most of the British public anyway.

Perhaps not so much for the Far-Left Anti-Monarch Marxist brigade, they probably see the Queen as a colonial oppressor, we see her as a wonderful head of state.

So what were some of the headlines about Donald Trump from the British press?

There seemed to be a repetition of sorts, angling to make PRESIDENT Trump look like a rude, unsophisticated and impolite man who held no respect for our wonderful head of state.

British press put out this disingenuous narrative.

That Donald Trump “fell asleep” during the Queen’s speech!

Let’s examine some of those headlines now.

The Express ran with this headline:


The headline, being sensational, runs with him “falling asleep” yet under the headline it states he “appears” to fall asleep, then the paragraph below it says that Donald Trump “has been accused of struggling to stay awake”.

What is it Express, did he fall asleep, did he appear to fall asleep or was he struggling to stay awake?

Here the Express uses a combination of words and descriptions that mean entirely different things. Each of these descriptions contradict each other, but we are sure they don’t want that to get in the way of a clickbait headline.

The Mirror does pretty much the same thing; you can see that here:


The Birmingham Mail did the same:


The Daily Star also:



If anyone would care to take a look at the very start of the video above, you will see Price Charles, looking down, appearing to close his eyes and “drift off” for a longer period of time than what Donald Trump was accused of.

That is why we have led with our own “clickbait” headline (apologies there), because it is frankly, ridiculous, unimportant, irrelevant, facetious and pushed with the sole intent to ridicule PRESIDENT Donald Trump during his visit. The more ridicule, the less relevant he becomes in the eyes of the media, they think the British public are stupid, we are not.

We are certainly not saying that PRESIDENT Donald Trump fell asleep, he clearly did no such thing, did he close his eyes for a moment, did he look down away from the cameras, did Prince Charles do the same?

Of course, media outlets could have run with the same story about Prince Charles, but they did not.


Because Donald Trump was their target, Prince Charles was not.

Does mainstream media have an agenda?

Of course they do, we can see it very clearly for ourselves.

It may seem insignificant, petty even, but, Fake News is Fake News. Fake news needs to be called out for its fakery each and every time. The media did its best to play down the significance of this state visit; it failed miserably.

Failed, Fake-News!

Donald Trump – Still WINNING!

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