Press Promote Tommy – From “Nazi” To “Passer-By”

by TR News

Tommy Robinson could find a cure for cancer; however, UK presstitutes would still spin a negative headline. Press Promote Tommy – From “Nazi” To “Passer By”

Journalism Is Dead

We do live in Orwellian times. The globalist corporatist media are nothing but an extension of the global political elites of this world. Tommy Robinson, being an enemy of the British state, cannot and never should be afforded any positive media attention, not ever! Tommy could cure cancer, home millions of orphaned children, provide clean drinking water and sanitation to billions, he could even achieve world peace. Still, the media would inevitably paint a very different picture of him, irrespective of any good deed he carried out as a citizen of the world.

Millions of people from all around the globe know about Tommy’s recent altercation with a feral degenerate gang who thought it was ok to cough and spit at an elderly couple. They attacked Tommy and smashed up his car while his kids were sat inside, they managed to hit the woman who they coughed and spat at causing her a swollen and bruised eye in the process, oh and they smashed up her car up too!

In the current coronavirus pandemic a “have a go hero” would have been lorded and praised by the press. Confronting degenerate and disrespectful youth for their mindless abuse and attack on an elderly couple would have made the front page under “normal” circumstances.

Not so for Tommy Robinson!

Promoted To “Passer-By”

In the aftermath of the sickening attack on an elderly couple, press reports were very slow to appear, even though Tommy’s video of the confrontation instantaneously went viral. The story spread like wildfire all across every social media platform. Facebook had their work cut out banning and deleting all the pro-Tommy posts, the fact of the matter is they couldn’t keep up, nor could they prevent the news from spreading quicker than the coronavirus itself.

Although the press knew the identity of the “good samaritan” who stood up to these feral and degenerate youth, Tommy’s name was conspicuously missing from their reports of the “alleged” crime.

The Daily Mail referred to Tommy as “a man who intervened” without naming him specifically.

The Daily Mail Fail

The Daily Mail Fail

The Guardian also referred to Tommy as “A man in his 30s who tried to intervene” without naming him specifically.

Tommy's Favorite Rag - The Guardian

Tommy’s Favorite Rag – The Guardian

The Metro referred to Tommy as “a passer-by” without naming him specifically.

The Metro - Tommy Robinson

The Metro On Tommy Robinson

A local online rag – HertsLive led with a Police plea. They asked members of the public to “stop sharing” a video of the incident that was circulating on social media. They too referred to Tommy as a “passer-by” without naming him specifically.

HertsLive - Tommy Robinson

HertsLive – Dont Share The Video!

The Biased Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) referred to Tommy as “A passer-by” without naming him specifically.

BBC Reporting On Tommy Robinson

BBC Reporting On Tommy Robinson

The Mirror referred to Tommy as “A passer-by” without naming him specifically.

The Mirror - Tommy Robinson

The Mirror – Reporting On Tommy Robinson

Editorial Hypocrisy

Tommy supporters were outraged by the way the press omitted the fact that Tommy was involved in this altercation, defending an elderly couple from scumbag feral youth with no morals. The usual response was that they could not publish those details as it could jeopardise an ongoing investigation.

Could that be true?

On the 9th of March, the Independent published an article about a verbal racist attack on Mandy Huang, a Chinese woman. The racial slurs directed at Mandy Huang came from an Asian who shouted: “take your f***ing coronavirus back home”.

We couldn’t help but notice how ridiculous the report sounds – an Asian shouting racial slurs at an Asian? Anyway, that’s beside the point. The point is that the Independent mentioned not only the “victim” of this racial crime, but they also lorded and praised the hero of the moment. Meera Solanki stood up to the racist bully; she got knocked unconscious by the “allegedly” racist Asain for defending her friend – the Independent couldn’t praise her enough.

Just so we make our position clear, we are not downplaying an “alleged” racist attack, nor are we belittling the bravery of a woman standing up for her friend, she should be praised, but let’s just remind ourselves of a couple of things. The Independent ran this story naming the victim and the “have a go hero” at the time of “AN ONGOING POLICE INVESTIGATION”.

Independent - Have A Go Hero

Independent – Names “Have A Go Hero”

So its fine to publish an article naming a have a go hero defending a friend against an “alleged” racist Asian attacker but it’s not ok to mention the name “Tommy Robinson”, the man who defended an elderly couple from a group of disrespectful youths. Youths who attacked them after coughing and spitting in their faces during the coronavirus pandemic?

Is this the reality of the Orwellian world we live in?

Yes, it is!

Left Hating Joey Diaz

A twitter user going by the name of Gary Green sent Joey Diaz a link to the TR.News website which featured the viral video of Tommy confronting feral scumbags in Hitchen. Gary sent the link as it was relevant at the time. Joey Diaz said people who step up and stop old people from being attacked should get legal aid.

Joeys response – HERO!

Joey Diaz - Tommy Robinson - HERO!

Joey Diaz – Tommy Robinson – HERO!

Joey is a well-known Cuban-American stand-up comedian, an actor and a good mate of Joe Rogans. Joey regularly features on Joe’s podcast putting the world to rights. He’s a hilarious guy, quick-witted and definitely “old school”. His praise for Tommy did not go down well with the left who immediately tried to get Joey to delete his public praise of Tommy.

His tweet is still up; you can find it by clicking HERE.

Mainstream media outlets are becoming more and more irrelevant as time goes on. The general public are aware of mainstream media fake-news, their propaganda, their lies, their deliberate omission of facts and context and their incessant manufactured political narratives. People just aren’t buying what they are selling any more because they are untrustworthy and ideologically driven.

While we are at it, we would also like to thank Twitter user kaponofor3 for acknowledging our “flashy website” – cheers buddy much appreciated, get yourself signed up if you haven’t already?

Kaponofor3 - TR.News - Flashy Website!

Kaponofor3 – TR.News – Flashy Website!

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