Pregnant Transgender Men Suffer From Depression?

by TR News

It’s a misconception that only women can get pregnant because men can be blessed with an immaculate conception. Pregnant Transgender Men Suffer From Depression?

The Stresses Of Male Pregnancy

It’s The Year 2019 and strange as it may sound, but pregnancy is thought of as a “women’s only” issue, however that really is not the case. Transgender men can transition hormonally by taking testosterone, but that does not mean they have to take out their female reproductive organs to become a man.

Dr. Cecile Ferrando, director of the Transgender Medicine & Surgery Program at Cleveland Clinic said:

“Society views pregnancy as a female condition. And as a result, it can make transmasculine individuals feel isolated and alone.”

Dr. Cecile also said that due to societal pressures, it is essential for partners, friends and family to act as a support system during the pregnancy. For example, a pregnant transgender man could develop gender dysphoria during the pregnancy because their body does not match their gender identity. Transgender men have to stop taking testosterone so they can carry a pregnancy to term which can cause a lot of anxiety, a trans man’s body will naturally develop estrogen, a female hormone that can and will bring with it emotional and physical changes.

The Elephant In The Room

Many people at this point in the article will be in a state of confusion and contemplation and then ask the most obvious question. If a biological woman wants to be a man, wants to look like a man, wants to live life as a man, why the hell does he want to get pregnant? The point of this article is not to just dig at the trans community, but to ask valid questions. If a woman has had to go through gender dysphoria, and gone through the necessary hormonal and societal affirming changes to become a man, why would he/she ever want to become pregnant?

Only a female, a woman, a person born with a vagina and a uterus can produce a new life that will gestate within their body. The female of our species has done this since the dawn of time. The same applies to every other female mammal species, of course. It is challenging enough for people to understand why anybody would go through gender transition, yet alone understand why a female to male transitioner decides to become pregnant. Pregnancy, since time immemorial is, has and will always be a female-exclusive experience, men just dont get pregnant.

A recent study published in the journal Maturitas examined health care research on transgender men who become pregnant at or after age 35 to determine their medical and mental health needs. The U.S. transgender survey found that almost 40 percent of its 28,000 respondents reported attempting suicide which is nearly nine times the national average.

According to Brandt:

“The process of transitioning is long and arduous, and pregnancy, which is regarded as a feminine condition, forces these men to almost fully transition back to their sex assigned at birth, which can worsen gender dysphoria.”

Excuse the plain-speak here but – No Shit Sherlock!

Again going back to the point, WHY would a trans man want to become pregnant when it is an entirely FEMALE experience?


One of the more exciting finds in the review was that 64 percent had vaginal births, and 25 percent requested cesarean delivery. Transgender men who had cesarean deliveries were not comfortable in having their genitals exposed for long periods of time. However, those who went through labour reported that the process of giving birth vaginally overcame any negative feelings that they had with the female gender that they had been assigned at birth.

It’s a crazy world. We are not doctors but, a woman who transitions to become a man may be better off not getting pregnant as that’s a woman’s thing, that’s nature, it’s a biological fact.

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