Pork And Booze Barbecue Held Near Refugee Camp

by TR News

Greece has a new “centre-right” government in power, and it didn’t take long for links to the “far-right” finding their way into press reports. Pork and booze barbecue held near refugee camp.

Left-Wing Media Hype?

Pro-European media are linking Greece’s liberal-conservative party to the “far-right” only a few months after taking power. Greece has been beset with corruption, economic deprivation, and a non-stop flow of migrants. Successive left-wing political monopolies have bankrupted the country, and it has “welcomed” tens of thousands of migrants from the Islamic world which hasn’t gone down very well with a substantial percentage of the population.

In 2016 a refugee camp in Diavata was set up to hold and deal with refugees and migrants entering the country. The camp was marred by infighting as refugees complained about overcrowding, poor living conditions, a lack of security and an inability to revive a Balkans route so that they could cross the border into Macedonia and then enter other European Union countries.

Hassan (an Afghan living in the camp) said:

“Here in the camp, we do not feel safe. We are permanently stressed. I don’t remember any time to be relaxed here. There are fights. One time during a big fight, we Afghan men had to bring all our children and women into the prefabs and lock them inside to protect them. There were men with knives and big woods. The police didn’t do anything. We had to stay in front of the houses to protect our families. Even I had to be ready to fight. You see: we escaped from war just to be in danger in Europe.”

You can find that information HERE.

DW Accusations Of "Far-Right"

DW Accusations Of “Far-Right”

Locals Had Enough

A Pro-Europe media outlet has recently published an article about the new Greek centre-right Government “giving cover” to nationalists who have had enough of Islamic migrants and asylum seekers settling in their village.

The media outlet (which you can find HERE) has reported that nationalists are organising an all-you-can-eat pork-and-booze-fest next to the majority Muslim refugee camp. Dimitris Ziambazis is an organiser and leader for the United Macedonians group.

He said:

“It’s a new and innovative protest to show our opposition to continued inflows of illegal migrants. This situation cannot continue. Our homes and communities are turning into ghettos, and we will not stand for it. It is high time authorities wake up and realise what’s really happening here.”

The influx of mainly Muslim migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, are not welcomed as they once were three years ago. The centre-right Greek Government have stepped up their efforts to detain foreign migrants who made their way into the country illegally. But is this really down to “far-right pressure” and the Greek Government doing it’s level best to “give cover” to Nazis as the publication insinuates?

A Golden Dawn March

A Golden Dawn March

Sorting The Wheat From The Chaff

Greece does have an extreme group of politicians and activists who are members of the Golden Dawn, they invoke Nazi-type imagery and pretty much fit the stereotypical hardcore racist elements of their society. There is a problem though, the concerns of local residents who may have absolutely no affiliation to hardcore racist activism or political groups become smeared and slandered. Let’s take the example the publication used, Dimitris Ziambazis and the United Macedonians group.

First of all, Macedonians are not Greek, Greece does have a substantial number of Macedonians who live within its borders, but they are not indigenous to Greece at all, Macedonia borders Greece to the North. Refugees, asylum-seekers, migrants (call them what you will) have used Macedonia as a doorway to get into other EU countries, so why is an alleged nationalist Macedonian group carrying out a “provocative act” like a pork and booze barbecue right next to a majority Muslim refugee camp in Greece?

Below is a video of Golden Dawn activists protesting against Macedonians and burning the Macedonian flag.

The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) called on indigenous Macedonians in Greece and other Macedonians travelling in the country to take precautions to ensure their personal safety. The Golden Dawn are renowned for their political violence and activism. In fact, the UMD had good reason for their warnings to fellow Macedonians, here are two examples of Golden Dawn posters used in the promotion of organised protests in Athens and Thessaloniki. You can find that information HERE.

Posters In Greece About Macedonians

Posters In Greece About Macedonians

The posters depict Macedonians as rabid dogs and rapists.

So would it be safe to assume a real hardcore racist Nazi-type of activism and politics being hostile to Macedonians? Going by the video and the imagery of the posters, the answer is probably yes. So why has the Pro-European publication linked a “centre-right” Government and a United Macedonians group to the far-right?

On its face, it does not make any sense at all other than perhaps to scaremonger. Maybe its a dirty propaganda tool used by Pro-European and Pro-Immigration ideologues in the media? After all, it’s much easier to defame opposing political ideologies and negative perceptions of refugee invasions.

To be clear TR.News does not have enough information the verify or disprove any links of the United Macedonians group to anything resembling the “far-right”. Still, neither does the publication, which is in and of itself quite telling, considering it has made these assertions.


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