Political Polarisation, Hatred, And Leftist “Wokeism”

by TR News

Ellen DeGeneres is about as liberal as you can get, she’s a lesbian celebrity in America and ticks the right boxes for the woke left. Today we look at political polarisation, hatred, and leftist “Wokeism”.

Tolerant Leftist Wokeism

We live in a time where the political left has veered so far left they are now cannibalising each other. It’s a bit like an angry snake eating its own tail. The “woke” left have to jump through many different intersectional hoops before they arrive at the purest form of wokeism.

Wokeness is hard to achieve, and only the very best virtuous morally guided people in the world can attain such a privileged mantle. Wokeness does come with a cost though. It will cost you potential friends; it will make you fall out with family members who you will never speak to again. Wokeness means that your morals, political beliefs, social and cultural stances are without question 100% correct.

Anyone who offers a contrary opinion, a dissenting opinion is evil incarnate. Anyone who holds beliefs that are an inch to the right of the woke progressive should be crushed, deplatformed, censored and exiled from planet earth. Only true woke will inherit the earth, anything that deviates from wokeism is manifestly evil. Never share a platform with an unwoke, you can’t be friends or civil with an unwoke, unwokes are the devil!

Vote For Woke You Racist!

Vote For Woke You Racist!

Excommunication From The Church Of Woke

Ellen DeGeneres, who is ironically guilty of pandering to the woke intolerant left has had her comeuppance. Ellens woke credentials have been revoked, she has been excommunicated from the church of progressive wokeness. But what was her crime?

She sat at an American Football match with and next to former President George Bush, took part in a civil conversation and even dared to smile while sitting next to him. BLASPHEMY!

Being woke isn’t all that great when you think about it; it’s as regressive and intolerant as you can get. Wokeness fuels hatred and separatism. It denies an individual the ability to get along with others who hold a different world view. Wokeism makes individuals unhinged; it polarises society and substantially increases the chances of mental illness.

How dare Ellen get along with a person who holds different beliefs and opinions to her, what was she thinking?

Here are just a few examples of the true woke massive venting their displeasure at Ellen.

Daring To Be A Contrarian

George Bush is a war criminal because he invaded Iraq? There are arguments for and against that position. Would any “woke” individual dare listen to a contrary opinion? Probably not…

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