Police criticised by victim advocates

by Avi Yemini

Police have been criticised by advocates of a victim, involved in a shocking hit and run last month, in the Caulfield area.

It’s July 5, the time is approximate 2:30 pm. The location is Bambra and Glenhuntly roads intersection. Chinese national and recent-arrival to Australia, Lindsay is waiting patiently for the green light to cross the road. As the light turns green and the dinging sound, signals her to go, an unsuspecting Lindsay proceeds to cross Bambra rd. She is barely halfway across when the small, red, Nissan SUV slams into her left side, flinging her violently several metres into the air. The car slows but only for a moment and then quickly speeds off.

Lindsay lies in a heap in the middle of the road, directly in the way of oncoming traffic. Several quick-thinking witnesses bravely run out onto the road to stop the onslaught of cars from running her down again.

The victim struggles to recover the shock of several tons of steel crashing into her body. She is moved out of harm’s way and is finally loaded up, into an ambulance. The police, who also arrive on the scene, take statements from various witnesses, including a description of the car and its middle-aged female driver. The biggest clue left behind of the suspect was the partial numberplate – 1GH. It all seemed to hint towards a successful investigation with an arrest and charges following swiftly.

Fast-forward 4 weeks later, the victim has more or less recovered her physical injuries and has finally returned to her day job as a waitress. Mentally though, Lindsay clearly has a long way to go.

Lindsay broke her silence on TR.NEWS in a bid to find the driver.

Everyone makes mistakes, you and I. I remember the moment the car hit me, and you were terrified, too.I have endured pain and frustration over the past month, and I am sure you are filled with guilt and regret. Anyway, I know you didn’t mean it. I forgive you. But as an adult, I want you to take responsibility for your actions, for me. Many people have helped me during the past month in Australia. I love people here, including you. I hope to see this video you can go to the police station by yourself, and I’m waiting for your apology, no matter how late.

Since speaking out, Lindsay has received a wave of public support. Including members of the public who are trying to help solve the case.

An advocate for Lindsay took details provided to TR.NEWS about the car to Victoria Police who indicated they wouldn’t be following it up, stating “that car wasn’t registered locally’.

This bizarre response has made the victim, and her friends doubt the Police willingness to break the case.

More to follow.

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