Police And Council INTERFERE With Political Campaign In Carlisle

by TR News

When Tommy visited Carlisle, both he and the campaign team met with Police and Council interference.

The Police were used as council enforcers, preventing Tommy from parking in the town centre, he hasn’t had this issue anywhere else.

The leader of Carlisle council is none other than Colin Glover, he represents the ward of Currock and Upperby, and his political party is……

Colin Glover – Carlisle Council Labour Leader


How shocking!

New Carlisle mayor Councillor Jessica Riddle is also a long-time Labour Party member.

Again shocking!

Who would have thought that a Labour-controlled council and a Labour-affiliated mayor would utilise the precious time of the Police to selectively enforce traffic regulations which are typically picked up by the local council?

How do they get away with it?

As the Police advised Tommy, they were “asked to do so” as the presence of his vehicle in the town constitute a “health and safety issue.” It just seems ridiculous that all the other vehicles that were parked in the town centre didn’t seem to be causing any health and safety issues at all? We certainly didn’t see any improperly parked vehicles towed away from the town centre?

Regardless of this apparent misuse of the Police by Carlisle council ( we can only assume its because of their political affiliations opposing Tommy’s presence in the town) his campaign stop went head anyway. The police presence in the town was an overreaction, and perhaps a means to warn the public of Tommy’s dangerous parking techniques?

Its that or he’s a racist, violent bigot and the council don’t want him there taking their voters away with him?

The locals who were present in Carlisle town were thrilled to see Tommy, that’s because they know he’s not racist, not violent, not bigoted -just loved!

What they do know is that the local council are happy to waste Police time and resources for the benefit of their own ideological and political positions which are opposed to Tommy.

Vote Tommy Carlisle!!!!

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