Please Join Us at Oxford Street in Central London on August 3rd – Free Tommy Demo

by TR News

Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner. He brings attention to the industrialised rape, molestation, pimping, beating, and abuse of vulnerable children by predominantly Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs all across the UK.

The industrialised abuse of children has gone on for far too long.

Successive governments have gone to great lengths to downplay this issue and have set about persecuting Tommy for highlighting this heinous crime to the general public.

Tommy is serving time in a category A prison for causing ANXIETY to convicted Muslim paedophiles.

We cannot and will not let our government and judicial system downplay this issue any longer. We will support Tommy by highlighting the injustice of his political incarceration.

Please Join Us at Oxford Street, in Central London on August 3rd – Free Tommy Demo

On the 3rd of August, we ask that as many of you who can, get into central London and join the Free Tommy Demonstration. We must show our steadfast and unwavering support for Tommy. So be loud, be proud and let our government know we will not be silenced or intimidated by state persecution.

We want to thank everyone who has involved themselves in protests to highlight Tommy’s situation to the general public; you are an inspiration to us all.

Never ever surrender!

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