PC Policing Pronouns In The UK

by TR News

PC used to refer to Police Constable for those serving in the Police Force; now it just means Politically Correct. PC Policing Pronouns In The UK.

PC Priorities

Police Clown Julie Cooke is the Deputy Chief Constable for Cheshire Police. Her constabulary covers an area with a population of approximately two million where violent crime is up by more than FIFTY PERCENT in the last year. You can find that by clicking HERE.

Police are supposed to prevent and reduce crime, since when has it been their job to police language? Nobody here is saying that people from the trans community should be hated because of who or what they choose to be. If trans people are adults, then they are free to lead the life they see fit as they want. HOWEVER, trans people, or should we say “Trans Activists” need to take a step back from policing peoples language, even if it causes hurty feelings.

A Really Bad Idea

LGBTQIAP alphabet soup activists have somehow managed to find over one hundred ways of identifying themselves. If you don’t use the correct pronoun or if you misgender someone like this beautiful “they” person here…

Beautiful They Person

Beautiful They Person With A Ginger Moustache

…you should expect the PC Police to hunt you down, arrest you, imprison you and brand you as a hate figure for the rest of your life. Now that’s what we call “social justice”.

We embedded a video above of Blaire White who seems to be one of the very few “trans people” we see online or on TV talking any sense. The “T” of the LGBTQ alphabet soup community must mean “Terrible” because those who supposedly represent the whole “community” are radical Neo-Marxists.

Heres a suggestion, rather than piss people off by controlling speech and forcing a political and identitarian mess on others, think about how much “damage” you are doing to your “community”. Do these Neo-Marxists believe they will help alphabet soup people? Or do they want to cause more hatred, division and attacks on their community?

It’s plausible they want more conflict, more hatred, and more attacks on their community, so they have more political currency to play with. This dangerous game has produced a victim culture economy; it’s only a matter of time before the markets crash, whos going to bail them out then?

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