PayPal FREEZES Conservative News Account

by Avi Yemini

PAYPAL has frozen the main business account used by the British populist news website, Politicalite in a move that is suspected to be political, in an attempt to defund news produced by the people, for the people.

Four weeks ago, Politicalite’s PayPal business account was frozen after months of using the service without any issue. ‬

‪PayPal, Inc. claimed they needed the relevant I.D. of the websites company director, Jordan James which was was sent to PayPal, yet the company still refused to lift Politialite’s account restrictions.

‪PayPal emailed Mr James thanking him for sending relevant I.D., but then refused to ‘unfreeze’ the funds in the account, citing an error with the websites Business information.

PayPal claimed Politicalite could not use a ‘virtual address’ – a practice that common in business in the United Kingdom, used by dozens of firms, it’s also fully within the law.

PayPal said: “During a recent review we noted that your business registered address is associated with a virtual address.”

“To comply with EU Regulations we must verify the physical address of our customers’ businesses.”

“You need to provide us with a government-issued document to show your physical business address.”

“We can accept the following government-issued documents to confirm your physical address”

“A Revenue letter or tax demand issued in the last 12 months.”

Politicalite UK Ltd was set up six months ago, and companies are only required to pay tax once they start earning more than £85,000 – they have not yet received any tax demands, and their accounts and tax liabilities are not due until April 2020.

PayPal is aware that the website cannot provide the information they are asking, due to the reasons above, so they have frozen the account, and they cannot access any of our funds, donated by readers.

Politialite’s Company Director, Jordan James uses a virtual address, rather than a physical address for security reasons following advice given by Greater Manchester Police in 2018 after Jordan received malicious communications and death threats, that resulted in Mr James having to install CCTV at his home, and remove any sensitive information from the internet.

The threats came from people claiming to be Muslims, who were angry due to Politicalite’s hardline stance against Radical Islamist Terror and widespread Muslim Homophobia.

PayPal argued that had to comply with the European Union’s regulations, despite Britain voting to LEAVE the EU, and legally, according to some – Britain left the EU by law on March 29th.

A UK company is no longer bound by EU regulations.

Politicalite suspects, it’s all ‘cock and bull’, and claims PayPal is trying to stop the website receiving funds due to political pressure, the website was also banned from using Google’s Ad System back in December.

Speaking to TR.NEWS, the website’s editor Jordan James hit back at PayPal and the Leftist Mainstream Media that is trying to destroy working-class news.

James, 25 who founded the site in 2017, said: “This is a scary time. Our political beliefs – that are widely popular among working-class British voters, and by our 500,000 readers are being used as a reason to withhold payment from a legitimate company. ”

“This isn’t the first time Silicon Valley has treated us like this, PayPal can now join ranks with Google who defunded the ordinary people producing the news back in December 2018.”

“Politicalite has lost tons of Ad Revenue due to leftie hits that are false, and now they are coming after our donations.”

“The left, Hope Not Hate and the MSM accuse me, and the site of being ‘far-right’, of being ‘racist’ and The Spectator ridiculously and falsely labelled Politicalite as ‘extremists’.

“Not one of the MSM outlets producing the fake news and slandering us have even bothered to find out about us, or my own background – it simply wouldn’t fit their agenda.”

My own grandparents came to Britain from Jamaica in the 1960s to help rebuild this great country after the War during Windrush.”

“I’m NOT a racist or an extremist, I hold my views on Islam for good reason.”

“I’m a young, working-class Nothern lad, who’s Gay and has faced tons of Muslim homophobia.”

Britain is a country that accepts all, yet Muslims refuse to adhere to British values by segregating themselves from the rest of British society, and think their archaic Sharia Laws that belong in the stone age can trump British law that’s based on the freedom to be you want to be.”

“You might have seen the protests in Birmingham against LGBT lessons and you’ve heard what hardline Muslims are doing to gays in Brunei, Iran, Saudia Arabia… now Homophobia is creeping back into Britain, and this homo, unlike most won’t stay silent and ‘back down’ because Muslims are offended by something the rest of Britain dealt with in the 1980s.”

Those gays fought for their freedom, took the streets and demanded a voice, I may be right-wing, but those brave men and women fought for my rights that I’m supposed to have today, that most gays take for granted, and we are returning to the dark days of the 80s due to Islam trumping Britain’s laws that are supposed to protect people like me.”

“I won’t change Politicalite’s stance on Islam, just because the Marxist left can’t bark their usual bite and actually attack something that’s the reality on the REAL extreme in Britain.”

Leftists who bang on about Diversity, are choosing to back an oppressive religion, over the LGBT community, just because it doesn’t fit their narrative.”

“The majority of Muslims hate people like me, and I can’t even walk down the street holding hands (Heavily Muslim Area) with the person I love due to the abuse he and I would receive.”

“One Muslim man in my area openly told me that it’s Haram to be homosexual in the Mulsim religion, – meaning Muslims WILL NOT and WILL NEVER accept someone like me, so why should I accept the Muslims who oppose me and my lifestyle?”

“I’m out, and proud, but there are thousands of men and women who can’t be, thanks to Islam.

“I’m not going to allow Islam to push me back in the dark closet that I fabulously burst out of, thanks to a religion.” luckily, I’m not a Gay British Muslim… it’s even worse for them.”

“It’s time to choose, what do you support? people who want the freedom to LOVE another human being in a supposed free country or an extremist hateful religion that should’ve been consigned to history along with stone age square wheels!.”

“We are NOT the hate-filled extremists, Muslims are!”


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