Parents protest outside Birmingham school over kids being taught lessons on diversity

by TR News

Dozens of parents and children have protested outside a Birmingham primary school over lessons being taught on gay relationships.

The lessons are part of the ‘no outsiders’ curriculum which was introduced at Anderton Park Primary School.

Leaflets were dished out which displayed ‘We DO NOT believe in homosexuality. Parents do NOT want their children’s belief changed‘ and ‘This programme promotes a whole-school gay ethos’ and ‘You can’t be gay and Muslim‘.

The protests are being conducted daily outside the school gates, which has made the atmosphere surrounding the school and within very tense, with Headteacher Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson calling on education secretary Damian Hinds to intervene urging him to come and see what is happening at the school.

She said: ‘You almost need to sit in a school like ours and listen to what’s being said, the unpleasantness that it causes and the homophobic nature of some of the things that are said to understand how what is written in Whitehall affects people on the ground everywhere else.

We’ve had so many emails from all over the country – headteachers in Croydon, Manchester – saying this is happening to me in my school and this should not be the case. So yes, I am calling on the secretary of state to come out very clearly on this.

The aim of the No Outsiders program was teach students about the positive values of diversity, tolerance and acceptance, as well as LGBT rights, same-sex relationships, gender identity, race, religion and colour.


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