Pakistani Muslim Literalists Defend Child Abuse

by TR News
Dirty Nonce With Child Bride

Older men marrying children is commonplace in the Islamic world because it is allowed under shariah law. Pakistani Muslim literalists defend child abuse because their religion allows it.

There is nothing worse than the thought of little girls being molested, raped, beaten and used as sexual baby-making slaves. The thought of such a thing happening here in the West would make any sane persons stomach churn. The reality is that children all over the world get sold to much older men who then “marry” them. We must call it out for what it is; its child abuse and it is particularly prevalent in the Islamic world.

The Perfect Prophet?

The reason why so many Islamic literalists don’t see the marriage and molestation of a child as being any form of child abuse is that Muhammad married a child. That child’s name was A’yisha.

Ayisha - A Child Married To Muhammad

Ayisha – A Child Married To Muhammad

A’yisha was only six years old when she was “betrothed” to Muhammad, by the age of nine she would have had her first menses. Once that happens to any child in the Islamic world she is automatically deemed to be old enough for sexual intercourse.

If a holy prophet of Islam can get sexually aroused by a child and penetrate her, then it’s ok for any other Muslim male to do the same. Who can criticise the founder of Islam without being charged with blasphemy and get away with it? It cant be child abuse if Muhammad did it, or can it?

Muhammad The Perfect Man

Muhammad The Perfect Man

Pakistans Paedophile Problem

Despite having laws that make it illegal for girls to marry before then age of 16 in Pakistan, there are more than ONE MILLION child brides who reside in that country.

There is currently a bill in the Pakistani Parliament that would raise the minimum age of marriage to 18 years however Islamic literalists are opposing it. Why? Because Muhammad married a child, secular or “man-made” laws don’t matter to Islamic literalists. The only law that matters is the Shariah, which is based on the accepted deeds and sayings of Muhammad.

UNICEF has estimated the number of child brides in Pakistan is nearer the TWO MILLION mark. The UN World Health Organisation has noted that one of the leading causes of death for young girls aged between 15-19 is in fact, linked to childbirth. Children who are married, molested, raped and impregnated by older men and carry full term have babies that carry a higher risk of death and poor development.

It is perhaps worthwhile noting at this point, that prophet Muhammad impregnated his child bride A’yisha. However, she never managed to carry full term, each time she miscarried. Perhaps because of the damage done to her as a child by a nonce paedophile sand pirate?

Don’t Be Islamophobic!

Criticism of the religious/cultural Islamic identity comes with it a charge of Islamophobia. In Pakistan, 21% of girls are married off before their 18th birthday, including 3% before age 15. Recently a 28-year-old man married a 7-year-old girl in Punjab, at least he was arrested by the authorities. In June this year, a 60-year-old man was arrested for marrying a 12-year-old girl in Sadiqabad. In May of this year, a 45-year-old man married a 10-year-old girl in Sindh.

What is it with Pakistani paedophiles marrying, molesting, raping and abusing children? It seems as though we have imported this wonderful culturally enriching phenomenon here in the UK, much to the detriment and the destruction of young British girls lives.

Qibla Ayaz, chairman of Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology, said:

“In 1961, the minimum age for marriage was set to 16, which was un-Islamic. It will be going again against the Shariah [Islamic law] if the age of marriage is changed to 18.”

Ms Saigol, a campaigner against the paedophilic practice of child marriage, said the Khan government:

“is an extremely conservative, right-wing one. They have no interest or will to do anything in issues like child marriages. They are focused on other things, and this is not a priority for them. Every other day we hear of underage girls being married or Hindu girls’ abduction [for marriage], but it doesn’t bother the government much.”


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