Open Season – Danes Continue Firing On Facebook

by TR News

Tommy went to the Danish Parliament to expose the lies of mainstream and social media. It’s Open Season – Danes Continue Firing On Facebook.

Fraudulent Fakebook

Back in February 2019, Tommy Robinson was, expunged, expelled, excommunicated, deleted, defamed and denigrated by the ideological demagogues and fascists of Facebook. Facebook banned Tommy shortly after he released Panodrama, a TR.News documentary exposing the lies, deception and insidious nature of its star “investigative reporter” John Sweeney. Panodrama also revealed how closely the BBC works with far-left organisation Hope Not Hate, an organisation that labels people as “far-right” and “fascist” if you don’t subscribe to their world view.

You can watch Panodrama by clicking HERE.

In less than 24 hours Panodrama managed to pull in more than one million views on Facebook alone, Tommy had the platform, the reach and the ability to counter lying media narratives very effectively. Panodrama was the straw that broke Facebooks back, Tommy had to go because he exposed the BBC as a corrupt and disingenuous organisation. The British Government couldn’t have Tommy speaking truth to power, so as they leaned on Facebook to get rid of him, Facebook cooked up a little story, one that would justify their deletion of Tommy from their platform.

Facebook told its ideological soul mates in mainstream media that Tommy Robinson was banned from their platform because he called for the beheading of Muslims. Facebook ran a smear campaign while simultaneously denying Tommy the ability to hit back and counter their smear using his massive online reach. Twitter banned Tommy months before Facebook, YouTube did everything but ban him, restricting his channel, so it became much less effective. All of us here at TR.News, as well as Tommy, knows that there will be no evidence of him calling for Muslims to be beheaded, to this very day Facebook has denied any request for proof of their charges against him, we all know why.

Danes Are No Mugs

Last month Tommy travelled to Denmark to receive the prestigious Sappho award at the Danish Parliament, its an award for journalism, bravery and freedom of speech. During Tommy’s acceptance speech, he outlined and proven beyond any doubt the lies and disinformation that mainstream media peddle about him.

You can watch Tommy’s acceptance speech – exposing the lies of mainstream and social media by clicking HERE.

But this isn’t just about Tommy if the media can lie about him, they can lie and then manipulate narratives about others as well. Many so-called “trusted” mainstream media outlets have morphed into left-wing propagandists, hoping to gaslight the masses into believing their fake news. Real journalists like Tommy Robinson have exposed them for their duplicity, their manufacturing and contortion of facts to suit their political and ideological agendas. It is because of people like Tommy that more and more people have “woke up” to their lies and the deception of mainstream and social media.

The Danish people are no fools; they don’t like being taken for fools either. When Tommy was in Denmark, he was invited onto DR2’s deadline programme for an interview after receiving the Sappho award from the Danish Free-Press Society. You can watch the full interview below.

Tommy wasn’t the only person invited onto the Deadline programme; Aia Fog from the Danish Free Press Society was in the studio with him. Tommy noticed that Deadline host Steen Nørskov attempted to set her up with a question she could not have answered, he showed her footage of Tommy knocking on Mike Stuchbery’s door. Tommy appeared angry and frustrated, ultimately calling Mike Stuchbery a coward for refusing to come outside and answer some questions. Steen then turned to Aia and basically said “is this the kind of behaviour of a free speech award winner?”. We are of course paraphrasing, but the point is legitimate, Steen ambushed Aia, it didn’t go unnoticed by Tommy who immediately went to work on Steen, exposing him and his team at Deadline as manipulators and liars. They omitted facts that would have provided context, context that they were already aware of but decided not to mention on air.

Watch Tommy’s expose of Deadline by clicking HERE.

TR.News has helped the Deadline team by providing more evidence and context – you can read that by clicking HERE.

Søren-Espersen - Danish People's Party

Søren-Espersen – Danish People’s Party

Danes Open Fire On Facebook

Danish People’s Party Søren Espersen accused DR’s news programme “Deadline” of running “Fake-News”. Marie Krarup, another MP for the Danish People’s Party took to Twitter to lambast Facebook for banning people posting anything about Tommy Robinson and the Sappho award; she slammed Facebook for their suppression of free speech. The Danes take their freedom of speech very seriously, and they don’t take very kindly to the worlds largest social media platform making up stories to ban Tommy Robinson from their platform.

DR Online Headline

DR Headline

Tommy made waves in Denmark; he laid out an irrefutable case against the lies and the manipulative ways of mainstream and social media, and the Danes have not forgotten. DR online is Denmarks most visited website, today they have published an article calling out Facebook, the title of the article calls out Facebook for not providing the evidence or documentation proving Tommy Robinson “called for the beheading of Muslims”. In fact, DR online goes on to state they have tried for a considerable amount of  time to obtain proof of Tommy Robinsons hate speech and “alleged” calls for violence on Facebook. However, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Facebook “refuses both to provide documentation and to justify the decision”.

Good on DR online for pursuing Facebook and holding them to account when other media outlets do not.

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