One Rule For Tommy Another Rule For…

by TR News

Tommy Robinson will get sentenced on Thursday the 11th of July. Everyone sees this matter as an act of political persecution. They have reasonable grounds to think that, evidently, there is one rule for Tommy and another rule for Ms Ali-Khan.

We only go back to the 4th, and 5th of July, the tabloid trash were doing their usual hatchet jobs on Tommy Robinson. You would have thought that his actions nearly brought the world to an abrupt end.

Not so.

However, what the gutter press have not looked into is the clear persecution of Tommy Robinson. Not because of what he has done, but for who he is.

Tommy was charged and prosecuted and will get sentenced for up to two years in prison for “Contempt Of Court”.

One rule for Tommy and another rule for…

So who else has recently received a custodial sentence for the same thing? We need only look back to March 2018. Ali-Khan, a former parliamentary aide to George Galloway got sentenced to twelve weeks for “Contempt Of Court”.


Mr Justice Warby - Sentenced Ms Ali-Khan For 12 Weeks For Contempt Of Court

Mr Justice Warby – Sentenced Ms Ali-Khan For 12 Weeks For Contempt Of Court

Presiding over the case was none other than Mr Justice Warby, the same man who presided over Tommy’s case – he said:

her offending was so serious, not because of the harm caused, but because it was “deliberate, flagrant, persistent and inexcusable” and carried out in full understanding of what she was doing.

He told Ms Ali-Khan, who has been guilty of contempt previously, that she must serve half of the sentence in custody with the remaining period spent on licence.

You can find an article on that by CLICKING HERE

Ms Ali-Khan had committed no less than TWENTY-SIX counts of “Contempt Of Court”.

Her jail term – TWELVE WEEKS

Of course, she only needed to serve half of that, the rest was on a licence.

Now, you tell us, is there one rule for Tommy, and one rule for Ms Ali-Khan?

You can find the judgement by CLICKING HERE.

We wonder how much time Tommy will be given in prison for doing much, much less?

The British judicial system is a disgrace.

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