Oldham Child-Grooming Investigations Are Underway

by TR News
Oldham Council Child Grooming Investigation

It is estimated there are at least seventy three towns in the United Kingdom affected by Muslim child-grooming gangs. Now two more Oldham child-grooming investigations are underway.

Industrialised Rape Of Children

It’s a common and unfortunate theme; however, we must always highlight and report on the sexual enslavement of young children by Muslim child rapists. Tommy raised these issues over ten years ago; he got denounced as a race-baiter, an ISLAMOPHOBE, a white supremacist and a Nazi for daring to bring the subject up at all. It was easier for politicians and the media to use pejorative racially charged slurs against Tommy rather than deal with the substance behind his claims.

Many years later, with many more young children as young as eleven (maybe even younger) had, have and continue to be used and abused as sex-slave chattel by Muslim grooming gangs. The scandal of what happened in Rotherham lit the touchpaper. The British people had finally come to realise a disgusting and all too common occurrence, and that Tommy Robinson, although a media caricatured Nazi, was right all along.

Muslim Child Grooming Gangs UK

Muslim Child Grooming Gangs UK

Child Sexual Exploitation

There are currently two new independent investigations of historic child gang rape underway in Oldham. Posts on social media have made claims that Oldham council have in fact been “covering up” child sexual exploitation by “grooming gangs”.

Former mayor and Conservative councillor John Hudson sent a letter to the Council’s chief executive saying the allegations are:

“…of a ‘disturbing’ nature and warrant a full investigation.
Given the gravity of the accusations – in particular around child sexual exploitation and the safeguarding risks to children to name a few – we believe this should be referred to the Police and Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local government so the Council and those accused can be fully and transparently investigated in the proper way.”

He later went on to say that:

“The allegations have cast a shadow over all 60 council members, and I’m worried about the reputation of the town both locally and across Greater Manchester.”

Liberal Democrat councillor Howard Sykes also wrote to the councils chief executive and said:

“Although no contact has been made by anyone making allegations, it is only right and proper in view of the scale and momentum of these allegations they are properly investigated and refuted, confirming the outcome of the 2013 investigation.
Alternatively, if there were failings and/or fresh evidence comes to light, that the appropriate authorities take action, be that with regards to serving or former councillors, council officers or any other individual.”

Independent Investigations

Due to the amount of social media outrage and claims of cover-ups by the Council in the past, and by councillors pushing the issue who actually give a damn and want justice for young children abused by Muslim child rapists, there will be two independent investigations carried out to get to the bottom of it.

Councillor Gloster confirmed that:

“As a result of this meeting I am pleased to confirm two separate independent investigations are to take place, one looking at the Council’s response in 2013, and a review of the criminal allegations by Greater Manchester Police’s Major Crime Review Team.
It would be inappropriate to comment further while these reviews are taking place, but as the Opposition, it is our role to hold the Council to account, and we will expect to be fully briefed as to the outcomes and ensure the investigation is both rigorous, clear and transparent.”

The political makeup of Oldham council is that Labour has 45 members, Liberal Democrats have 8 members, Conservatives have 4 members, and there are 3 independents.

Why do these issues tend to be most common in Labour-controlled areas of the UK?

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