NUS President Wages Jihad On Conservatives

by TR News
Zamzam Ibrahim Radical Attention Whore

Zamzam Ibrahim, the NUS President, wages JIHAD on Conservatives because she doesn’t like them. Salty tears of ISLAMOPHOBIA ensue.

Whoring For Attention

Zamzam Ibrahim is the current President of the National Union of Students in the UK. Today she has publicly declared she was pulling out of an engagement she had at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. Zamzam’s reason for doing so was not the poor quality of water handed out to attendees, but a rising tide of ISLAMOPHOBIA within the Conservative Party?

Zamzam said:

“Islamophobia continues to be treated as the acceptable face of racism amongst politicians, the press and in public discourse. Major steps need to be taken to ensure this is stamped out so Muslim communities feel they can engage in civic life.”

Nobody seemed to get the message over to Zamzam that actually, the “nonsense manufactured word” Islamophobia is just another ploy to control speech, direct debate, obfuscate from real issues that arise from the Islamic community in the UK and of course to punish loud non-believers.

Zamzam will be pleased to hear that Islamist employing Baroness Warsi as well as her Islamist friends in the Muslim Council of Britain and the useful idiots of disgraced newsmakers Hope Not Hate formed an unholy trinity to make Islamophobia a legally defined term.

You can read more about that by clicking HERE and HERE.

Holy Aquified Jihad

Zamzam has courted controversies in her time, such as wanting to oppress white people and suggesting an Islamic takeover. Zamzam has stated that “friendships” between men and women are Un-Islamic, she also has publicly disparaged the governments anti-terrorism strategy PREVENT.

All the signs are there for a “Progressive Muslima”, she ticks all the required boxes, no wonder shes the NUS president. Zamzam now has a position to pontificate her pernicious blend of Marxism and Islamism in the arena of intersectional identity whoring.

Zamzam also said:

“As President of NUS and a Muslim woman, I cannot in good conscience participate in a Conference that openly and willingly denies my own lived experiences, and the bigotry faced by Muslims from the far-right, from elements of our media and in communities across our country on a daily basis. With hate crimes against Muslims soaring globally, such dangerous rhetoric being disseminated at the annual national conference of our governing Party is simply abhorrent, and must be roundly condemned.”

What Zamzam is selling is the pernicious poison of catastrophisation, victimhood and diseased doctrines cloaked in religion. Guess what Zamzam? We ain’t buying it!

Stick to bottled water, it’s less likely to be polluted!

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