#NotOkayToBeWhite – RACISM Against White People Is OK

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Everything Is Racist!

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has been criticised for surveying white students suffering racial harassment. #NotOkayToBeWhite – RACISM Against White People Is OK

Everything And Everyone Is Racist

We live in a time where left-wing activism has decided to segregate everyone into “groups”, whether they be lesbian, people of colour, disabled, gay, transgender, rich or poor, the “groups” that left-wing activists ascribe to people are dangerous and deliberate.

Cultural Marxists (or at the very least those who are heavily influenced by collectivist ideology) are severely damaging the social fabric of the United Kingdom and Western culture as a whole. Left-wing ideologues are no better than the segregationists of the Jim Crow era back in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The Democrats (a left-wing party) were responsible for apartheid laws that segregated black and white people from each other. Buses, toileting facilities and schools are just a few examples of services and amenities where black and white people were not allowed to mix.

What have we learnt from collectivist, segregationalist politics? Very little it would seem, history has taught people nothing, radical left-wingers are repeating past mistakes. Radical left-wingers, rather than admit to the failed destructive policies of the past, are trying them out again only this time with an “intersectional” flavour.

The Currency Of Minorities And A Victim Class

Rather than everything being “black and white” as in days past, there is a new culture of an intersectional minority victim class that has sprung from the depths of collectivist groupthink. Every person has to belong to a group, sometimes that person can cross over into another group. For example, a black woman on her own is just a “woman of colour”. However, if she were a lesbian, then she would be a “gay woman of colour”, adding to her “minority status” and strengthening her influence within the “minority groups” she intersects.


This “collectivist power” has been fashioned in a way that encourages a victim mentality, it derives that power from a “marginalised” or “persecuted” minority. At least that’s what collectivists want people to believe. Collectivist thought makes it appear these intersectional minority and marginalised groups are for the betterment of humanity but are they?

Just because a particular brand of political, societal and cultural activism that is rooted in left-wing ideology drives home a mantra of “acceptance, tolerance and love” doesn’t mean it actually is. Collectivism, when coupled with a victim culture wrapped in a social justice package is anything but “acceptance, tolerance and love”. They are reserved only for those on the same ideological spectrum, for people of colour, for LGBTQ people, for women.

You won’t get a “straight white male” at the top of a hierarchical victim food chain that’s for sure. In fact, being white means there’s already so much privilege it must be subdued, subjugated and segregated, for these traits epitomise everything wrong in the world. The devil is the white oppressor!

#NotOkayToBeWhite – RACISM Against White People Is OK

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is the government’s equalities watchdog, and it has recently published a report about racial harassment in UK Universities. The EHRC report conducted a survey that found 9% of white British students experienced racial harassment, compared with 29% of black students and 27% of Asian students. The survey also highlighted Anti-English sentiment at Scottish and Welsh universities.

A balanced and well thought out “inclusive” report? No, not to the hierarchy of intersectional perpetual victimhood. Academics, a professor of race, faith and culture at Goldsmiths, University of London and the black students’ officer at the National Union of Students were outraged, right on cue!

Fope Olaleye - Black Students Officer NUS

Fope Olaleye – Black Students Officer NUS

Harassment of white peoples racial characteristics, of their skin colour, does not amount to racism per se; it is just “anti-white prejudice.” Just imagine for a second if the boot were on the other foot, imagine a negative description of a brown person purely based off of their skin pigmentation, it would be deemed as “racist”, but when it’s directed at a white person, its just “anti-white prejudice.”

The connotations of the negative description are the same, the only thing that differs is the skin colour, which means that, by definition, it has to be racist.

Institutional Racism

The University of Edinburgh recently hosted an “anti-racism” event by the “Resisting Whiteness” group who described themselves as QTPOC (queer and trans people of colour), notice the dominance of the hierarchal intersectional victim class we spoke of earlier?

Queer Trans People Of Colour

Queer Trans People Of Colour



The QTPOC, a minority of a minority group (LGBTQ alphabet soup group) organised the event to:

“…amplify the voices of people of colour.”

They also said:

“We will therefore not be giving the microphone to white people during the Q&As, not because we don’t think white people have anything to offer to the discussion, but because we want to amplify the voices of people of colour.”

Isn’t discriminating against people based off of their skin colour by definition –RACIST?

Oh no, of course, it cant be; it’s just “anti-white prejudice” because people of colour cannot be racist, can they?

Meanwhile, in other news, four “white male” tree surgeons were attacked by a gang of brown Muslim folk carrying knives, machetes, a clawhammer and a knuckleduster. One of the “white lads” got hit with an axe by a brown Muslim who severed his hand from his arm. The leader of the brown Muslim mob called the victims of the attack “white bastards” who were in “his country”.

The brown Muslim mob were jailed by Judge Potter, who described the violence as Rahman’s gang “asserting control” over the neighbourhood of Newbold.

No prosecution for anything race-related even though there was a clear reference about “white skin” colour? Oh, we must be mistaken, that could not have been racism, it must have been “anti-white prejudice”. That’s totally different, you see!

Although, saying that, if the boot were on the other foot, and a gang of white men called over to four brown Muslim tree surgeons saying “brown bastards” who were in “their country” before a vicious attack, perhaps they would have been prosecuted for a racially motivated attack?

We are taking bets that TellMama or the Police won’t be recording that incident as a “hate crime”.

Read more about that attack HERE.

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