Norwegian Party Leader Supports Tommy Robinson

by TR News

Ellen Due Brynjulfsen, the leader of the Norwegian Independence Party, has been banned from Facebook for supporting Tommy Robinson.

In the silicon valley censorial cesspit of Facebook, the fascistic anti-free speech gangs and language police decided that supporting Tommy Robinson is a cardinal sin and therefore should be punished as such.

Norway Independence Party

Norway Independence Party

Norwegian Party Leader Supports Tommy Robinson

Ellen Due Brynjulfsen got banned from Facebook for three and then seven days for showing support for Tommy. She also got banned for criticising mass immigration, forced multiculturalism and state-sponsored diversity.

Ellen has said:

“Norway is changing, but not for the better. The ‘diversity’ pushed by politicians has degraded the Norwegian people. If you are white, you will not be taken seriously, but if you are an immigrant, you will be exalted. Our culture is spat on, and our thoughts are ridiculed. Our opinions are called hate, and our words are criminalised. Our constitutional right to speech is denied by the politicians”.

Exposing Sharia Law

Ellen is a harsh critic (and rightfully so) of sharia law which she sees enforced in rural and urban areas of Norway. She has also attacked her government who provide interest-free mortgages for new immigrants coming from predominantly Muslim countries. Non-immigrant Norwegians have to pay interest; this will clearly create division and resentment among the population.

The Independence Party is entirely dependent on social media and alternative/independent news to get its message out. Of course, social media giants based in the “progressive heartlands” of silicon valley will do what they need to do to squash any dissenting voices. Voices who dare speak about the issues of uncontrolled mass immigration from Muslim countries and its effect on national identity, culture and laws.

Exercising Freedom Of Speech

Ellen has said that:

“The opinion police are pursuing and punishing us. Europe is on fire while the people are asleep and being suffocated by the smoke. They are blind and do not see what is happening. The media lulls them to sleep, while the Muslim brothers’ plan runs smoothly.”

The Norwegian Independence Party sees itself as a conservative centre party that aims to promote and preserve Norwegian interests, culture and identity. It’s not exactly a pro EU Party as you will find out by clicking HERE.


You can find their facebook page HERE.

You can find their website HERE.

***We have made a correction as we linked to another Norwegian party in error. All links and graphics have been updated to reflect this in the article***


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