Newborn Baby Gets A Taste For Guns

by TR News

It’s an incredible headline, almost unbelievable, that is until you see the video. A man in Saudi Arabia makes sure a newborn baby gets a taste for guns.

Gun-Toting Child Abuser

The country is Saudi Arabia; the city is Riyadh, it’s capital, and a viral video has caused outrage across the world. Saudi Police have arrested a man who was holding a newborn baby in one hand while holding a gun in the other. The man shot the gun three times right next to the newborns head in what appears to be some kind of insane ritualistic or baptismal rite of passage into the world of firearms.

Another male who was with the gun-toting babysitter took the firearm, then proceeded to place the barrel of the gun into the baby’s mouth. One of the men could be heard urging the shooter to make the baby smell the gun powder.

Suspect Found And Arrested

The shooter was found to be the baby’s brother, claimed online Saudi newspaper Sabq who cited Riyadh’s Police spokesman Lt. Col. Chaker Sulaiman as its source.

Online Newspaper Sabq

Online Newspaper Sabq

When the video got posted online, the Saudi authorities went public asking for those responsible to be identified. The baby’s brother was arrested, and the gun was seized. Legal procedures have been taken against him because his actions put a child at risk; he also violated the country’s gun system according to Saudi media sources.

There have been rumblings online that the other male in the video was, in fact, the baby’s father. Celebratory gunfire has been made illegal in Saudi Arabia even though it is a common cultural practice.

How anybody could defend the actions of either of these men is beyond our understanding. We oppose shooting guns next to a baby’s head; we oppose placing a gun in a baby’s mouth. Does that make us culturally insensitive and racist for saying so?

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