Nationalism Not Racialism – Stand With Tommy!

by TR News

Who do you know that has done more to highlight and expose the industrialised rape of British children by Muslim gangs? Nationalism Not Racialism – Stand With Tommy!

The Real Far-Right And The Far-Left Working Together

We are in interesting times where another alliance has been formed between National Socialists, those sympathetic to National Socialism and the Far-Left. Racialists and those who are allegedly “Resisting Hate” have been working overtime to attack, besmirch, and ruin Tommy Robinson.

Our concept of Nationalism was anyone is welcome to it — white, black, anyone, Muslim, Christian. If you are proud to be English, you’re proud of the laws in this country; you’re proud of our freedoms, you are welcome!

Tommy Robinson Oxford Union Address

TR.News had to put a few issues to bed yesterday as hatred coming from people who claim to be “Patriotic Nationalists” are anything but Patriotic or Nationalist. The reality is that people like Dionne give Nationalists and Nationalism a really, really bad name. That is why those on the Far-Left encourage and work with them. It’s an arranged socialist marriage of convenience. Tommy’s Nationalism is not based and never has been based on the colour of someone’s skin; it is based on love for country.

Richard Inman talks about the usual and expected problems coming from anti-Semitic race haters and the need to support Tommy.

Nationalism Not Racialism – Stand With Tommy!

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