Muslims Living In Germany Feel Unsafe – Why?

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Islamophobia – an irrational fear of Islam is the cause of attacks and threats on mosques. Muslims living in Germany feel unsafe – Why?

Why Have An Irrational Fear Of Islam?

Burhan Kesici is the chairman of the Berlin-based Islam Council. Burhan said that Germany’s Muslim community isn’t feeling safe enough and blamed a culture of growing “Islamophobia”.

“This year we had more than 80 attacks on mosque communities in Germany. The security situation is very tense. Muslims are not feeling safe enough. Talks with security authorities have shown that no sufficient concept exists and, above all, it is so that we as Muslims are not being sufficiently advised”

Burhan Kesici made these remarks a day after police evacuated the Cologne Mega-Mosque which received a bomb threat. After investigating, the police found no evidence of any bomb and determined the threat was actually a hoax.

Cologne Mega Mosque

Cologne Mega Mosque – Opened By Turkish President Erdogan – Run By The DITIB

Is It An Irrational Fear?

The Cologne Mega-Mosque happens to be part of a Turkish-Muslim umbrella group – Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB). The DITIB is based in Cologne, it runs more than nine-hundred mosques tied to the Turkish Government’s Directorate of Religious Affairs, or Diyanet, which provides imams to DITIB mosques. The German Federal Government used to help fund the DITIB on the condition they supported counter-extremism programs as well as aiding refugees. The DITIB was given around six million euros from 2012 to 2017/18 by the German Government.

At the beginning of 2018, the German Government decided it would no longer fund the DITIB, and with good reason. Sevim Dagdelen, the deputy parliamentary head of the Left Party, called for federal states to cut all ties with DITIB and for the group’s charity tax status to be re-examined.

“The Federal Government and the federal states must stop cooperation at all levels with Erdogan’s outpost in Germany. It must be examined whether the preferential tax treatment of the association can be further justified. DITIB is not charitable, but a danger to the public”

Back in 2017, some Muslims planned a demonstration in Cologne under the motto “Not with us” to promote peace, and to show they are against Islamic terror. The Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB), Germany’s largest Islamic organisation with a membership of around 800,000, decided it would not attend or support the demonstration. In April 2018 DITIB was criticised for holding a military re-enactment involving Turkish flags and fake guns handed to child “martyrs.”

Read more about that HERE and HERE.

Definitely An Irrational Fear

There is another Turkish Islamic community with its headquarters based in Cologne Germany, and that is Milli Görüs. We published an article about them on the 31st of August; you can find that HERE.

The Islamic Community Milli Görüs goes by the acronym of ICMG; it is a Turkish Islamist movement spread all over Europe, most of them based in Germany, of course. As of 2016, ICMG’s total membership in Europe was around 87,000; it estimates around 300,000 people participate in its religious services in Europe every single week. The ICMG has long been under German security services’ suspicion of pursuing a long-term, gradualist strategy aimed at the eventual introduction of sharia law in Germany. Necmettin Erbakan, the founder of Milli Görüs, propagated a radical anti-secular and anti-Western ideology, which is typical of an Islamist ideologue. His movement has been accused of creating “parallel societies” which is no surprise given that its an avowed Islamist front working with the Muslim Brotherhood. ICMG and Muslim Brotherhood leaders are linked through marriage. You can read more about that HERE.

Rapefugees Not Welcome Here

Rapefugees Not Welcome Here

Merkels Miracle

Aside from an obvious home-grown Turkish Muslim issue, Angela Merkel, in her infinite wisdom, decided to gamble on her country’s safety. She opened up her country to millions of Islamic migrants in 2015, which received praise from the liberal political elite establishment. The move was praised by its televised political punditry, and world leaders such as Barack Hussain Obama cheered from abroad. How wonderful, how enriching, allowing millions of refugees into Germany without the consent of the people living there.

Germany’s “welcome culture” offered to the Muslim diaspora was never as widely embedded into German society as many would like to think. Despite the non-stop hand-clapping of self-congratulatory suicidal ideologues on German and international TV, the positive view of mass immigration was not widely shared amongst the German people.

Recently published research showed that around three-quarters of German citizens were sceptical about refugees and migrants, although many did still hold strong humanitarian views. It was found that 80% of those who held “humanitarian views” preferred non-Muslim refugees to Muslim refugees which does indicate something. Why a preference for non-Muslims? The data gathered in the research also found that the “welcome culture” that got lauded, promoted and congratulated by the media was “likely exaggerated”.

You can find those studies and the data HERE and HERE.

Celebrating Imported Sex Offenders

During the new year celebrations of 2015/16 the German city of Cologne (as well as others), were rocked to their “diverse” foundations. Multiple sexual assaults on women were carried out by migrants who benefitted from “Merkels miracle”, most (if not all) were of course Muslim.

The German Government and the globalist corporatist media did their very best to cover up this despicable wave of sexual assault because they knew who the perpetrators were. It’s not as if Merkle was going to take full responsibility for the importation of foreign sex offenders on her watch. As it turns out, Merkle has become weaker politically since her devastating decision to import Muslims on masse. The rise of the AfD in Germany should come as no surprise, Germany is a classic example of the need to control, regulate and properly police borders and immigration. A mass influx of a foreign culture, religion and peoples from war-torn hellholes is not a smart thing to do. The sexually assaulted women of Germany are living proof of this type of mistake. Germans who hold strong “humanitarian views” have a preference for non-Muslim refugees and migrants, and perhaps now we know why that is? Do the German people know something the political establishment do not?

Summarising “Islamophobic Attacks”

We started this article, concentrating our efforts on the German city of Cologne. We began with Burhan Kesici saying that Germany’s Muslim community isn’t feeling safe enough and blamed a culture of growing “Islamophobia” for attacks on mosques. Perhaps Burhan, you need to look into your affiliations with home-grown Turkish Islamist movements and the Turkish Government. Perhaps Burhan, you need to look at the behaviours of your imported co-religionists. Perhaps Burhan, the German Government is also to blame? Perhaps Burham, there are reasons for the so-called “Islamophobic attacks”. It is because of Muslims like Burhan and his imported co-religionist brethren, that cause people to worry. People are disturbed and rightly disgusted by Muslim behaviours, their promotion of anti-western views and their need to live in a seperate “parallel society”. Perhaps, Burham would be better off leaving Germany for Islamic Turkey, because that is where his and millions of other Turkish Muslims ideological priorities lie.

To be clear, we are not, and would not condone any attack on any mosques or Muslim individuals. However, we are sick to the back teeth hearing about “Islamophobic attacks” when the causation of these attacks are mostly down to the behaviours, attitudes and priorities of Muslims themselves. Western Governments need to own this problem because the Islamist monster is something we have to live with; they do not. It is a monster of their creation, they have allowed it to thrive, they have funded it, allowed it to grow in size and influence, and we have had enough of it.

Stop concentrating on the symptoms of the problem and address the root cause of it instead. Who knows, that might actually work!

Western Governments do not need to capitulate like subservient dhimmis to Islamic supremacists; they just need to kick them out and liberate the west from Islamist influence altogether. The west will be a better place without it.

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