Muslim Race-Baiting MP Sets Journalistic Guidelines

by TR News
Anas Sarwar Scottish Labour

Journalists, editors and publicists are Islamophobic, so something had to be done about it. Anas Sarwar, a Scottish Muslim Race-Baiting MP Sets Journalistic Guidelines.

Setting Standards

Anas Sarwar is a backbench MSP for the Scottish Labour Party; he represents constituents in Glasgow and has a track record of race-baiting and tackling “Islamophobia”. Anas set up a cross-party group to combat racism and Islamophobia in the early part of 2018 because he sees:

“…a much more insidious and much more institutionalised form of everyday racism and Islamophobia, and that’s what needs to be challenged.”

Anas Sarwar’s “cross-party group” worked with former BBC Scotland executive producer Uzma Mir, Professor Peter Hopkins, of Newcastle University and the National Union of Journalists (NUJ). Together they have produced a set of “journalistic guidelines” which, if followed, can reduce “institutionalised racism and Islamophobia” in the press.

Anas said:

“These guidelines can demonstrate leadership from Scotland to the rest of the UK and other parts of the world. I hope this becomes a regularly used tool and acts as a quick guide for the media.
By coming together to challenge all forms of prejudice we can build the tolerant and inclusive society we aspire to be. This is a fight for all of us.”

You can find that report by clicking HERE.

The report structures its guidelines on the acronym PART – Portrayal, Accuracy, Representation and Terminology. It also hits on various topics like “unconscious bias”, headlines, research, consultation, misrepresentation, “Islamophobia”, social media and others.

TR.News, Tommy Robinson And Terminology

Under a subheading of “Representation”, Tommy Robinson has been used as an example of an “Islamophobic” person, which is absurd from the off. To be “phobic” of anything, there has to be an “irrationality” involved for the diagnosis or the descriptive term. To be fearful, concerned or troubled by prescriptive Islamic texts specifically targeting “Non-Muslims” is legitimate.

Journalistic Guidance - Tommy Robinson Is An Islamophobe

Journalistic Guidance – Tommy Robinson Is An Islamophobe

Islamic texts that “literally” incite violence, death, torture, amputation of limbs or the expulsion of disbelieving peoples from their indigenous homeland for the religious crime of not believing in Allah or his messenger Muhammad, is demonstrably, irrefutably, patently TRUTHFUL. To borrow a word from the guidance acronym – it is ACCURATE to say these prescriptive texts are found in the Quran, Hadith, the Sunnah, Islamic Law (Shariah), Tafsirs and Fatwa’s of Islamic clerics throughout history and all over the Islamic world even today.

If the mere mention of self-evident and substantiative truths are deemed “Islamophobic”, then the sources of the texts must also be “Islamophobic”. That means (using the same “logic”) the Quran, Hadith, the Sunnah, Islamic Law (Shariah), Tafsirs and Fatwa’s of Islamic clerics/scholars throughout history and all over the Islamic world are themselves “Islamophobic”. To make this assertion makes no sense at all, much like the word “Islamophobia” makes no sense at all. There cannot be an irrational fear of a religion that defines Non-Muslims as second class citizens worthy of punishment or death.

Fear of punishment, mutilation, expulsion or death is a sane, rational, natural response of any human being when they realise and understand the mandated threats of Islamic religious dogma. Muslim fundamentalists give it to you straight, Muslims like Anas Sarwar want to hide the truth, he wants to prevent people from publishing and reporting the truth because, in all honesty, applying the “literal truth” of Islam is a terrible idea.

Anas’s Affiliations

For Anas to produce and publish his guide for journalistic integrity, he required the help of various focus groups, one of those groups was the Muslim Council of Scotland. The Muslim Council of Scotland attended the launch of Anas’s “media guidance” praising it as a “great piece of work”.

Muslim Council Of Scotland Working With Anas Sarwar

Muslim Council Of Scotland Working With Anas Sarwar

The Muslim Council of Scotland link to and work with the Muslim Council of Britain who are an extension of the Muslim Brotherhood. Below is a picture of the MCB’s Harun Rashid Khan standing with MCS Vice Convenor Asim Sheikh. You can read more about Harun Rashid Khan and his Islamist affiliations by clicking HERE.

MCB's Harun Rashid Khan standing with MCS Vice Convenor Asim Sheikh

MCB’s Harun Rashid Khan Standing With MCS Vice Convenor Asim Sheikh

Zara Mohammed of the Muslim Council of Scotland said:

“One of the key challenges we’re facing in addressing Islamophobia is the impact and consequence of negative media headlines which have contributed to the othering of the Muslim community and these guidelines can wake up the media to the damage of the headlines, so it’s a key step.”

Anas Sarwar links with the Muslim Council of Britain, he also has links with the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) who are renowned for their Islamist leanings, Islamist membership, it is virulently anti-Semitic and supports terrorism oversees. You can find that information from the Henry Jackson Society by clicking HERE. The co-author of the proposed “Islamophobia” definition that politicians are trying to ram through Parliament also worked with the IHRC for eight years and received tax-payer funding to produce a report on, you guessed it, “Islamophobia”.

What can we conclude from this? Well, Anas Sarwar is just another useful idiot on the far-left being used by Islamist organisations to further their “Islamophobia” campaign, or he’s a co-conspirator in the furtherance of that Islamist goal. Anas also happens to be a member of the Scottish Fabian Society.

Anas Sarwar - A Fabian And An Islamist?

Anas Sarwar – A Fabian And An Islamist?

A Race-Baiting Winner!

What would Anas Sarwar do to achieve his political goals and the curbing of free, truthful, accurate speech? Anas went for the Scottish Labour Leadership position, as did his colleague Richard Leonard. During the contest for the leadership position, councillor Davie McLachlan supported Anas’s bid. However, Davie later changed his mind and opted to support the eventual winner – Richard Leonard.

Anas Sarwar later alleged that Davie McLachlan told him:

“Scotland wouldn’t vote for a brown Muslim Paki”

Although Mr McLachlan said he was “stunned” and categorically denied ever saying such a thing to Anas, he was suspended from the Scottish Labour Party pending an investigation.

Labour’s National Constitutional Committee (NCC) concluded their investigation and found that Mr McLachlan had “no case to answer” so the claims made against him by Anas Sarwar were dismissed.

Mr McLachlan said:

“This has been a tremendously difficult time for my family and me and I’m delighted the NCC hearing panel has come to this conclusion.
“However, it has been a long and difficult process and I don’t think my family and I will ever get over the stress this has brought to all of us.
My reputation and character have been badly maligned by the false accusations that were made against me but there is some consolation for me in the fact that there are many, many people who know for sure that I never have, and never would, harbour racist views.”

You can find these reports HERE and HERE.

You just can’t trust any politician who aligns themselves with Islamist organisations because Islamists will do anything to further their cause, including lying and decieving. Ah thats also in the Quran!

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