Muslim Hatred For Female Left-Wing Handshakes

by TR News
Do Not Shake A Feminist Hand!

Ida Auken is an MP for the Social Liberal Party in Demark, and she has caused quite a stir by exposing Muslim hatred for female left-wing handshakes.

Leftist And Islamic Cultural Enrichment

Ida Auken is a former minister for the environment and a currently serving MP for the radical left Social Liberal Party in Denmark. Ida has a pretty comprehensive CV in the realm of far-left politics; she’s a feminist, a climate activist and hater of Donald Trump, she pretty much ticks all the boxes of an outright “lefty”.

Earlier this month Ida had a cis-gendered male representative visit her from a Copenhagen mosque, but the visit did not end very well at all. For all the “love” political leftists purport to have, something fell very short of that. Embracing a marginalised intersectional minority group belonging to the Islamic community should be a given, especially so if you are a radical leftist, its in the bible of woke!

Ida Auken Twitter Profile

Ida Auken Twitter Profile

A Lack Of Islamic Awareness

You would expect a meeting of minds, mutual understanding, appreciation and respect; however, that did not happen. So why was that? The radical third-wave feminist aggressor became upset during a conversation she had with her male Muslim visitor because of a difference of opinion on the relationship between men and women. How intolerant!

The Muslim man must have greeted her at the start of the meeting but when the session ended the patriarchal supremacist from the religion of evil REFUSED to shake Ida’s hand. How dare he!

Roughly translated Ida said:

‘I’m furious at being put in such a situation. Partly, as a woman, I feel almost leprosy when my hand is seen as something that from now on must not come near him. Partly I get angry that he allows himself to enter the stronghold of democracy and refuse to press my hand because I am a woman”.

That does not seem very tolerant of a left-wing ideologue! There appears to be no appreciation or respect for the cis-gendered cultural and religious beliefs of a patriarchal Muslim supremacist here. What on earth is going on?

Later on, Ida mentioned to a reporter that:

“The man who came into my office was obviously an idiot”.

Ida was upset because the man could only see his own private ideological/religious perspective on a friendly handshake between a male and a female. Maybe the patriarchal Muslim supremacist thought by shaking her hand; she could accuse him of rape?

A few back and forths ensued between the parties of the Dar al-Fem and the Dar al-Islam which resulted in the hasty retreat of the cis-gendered patriarchal Muslim supremacist. A frothing, foaming rabid pussy hat-wearing, feminist, climate activist MP was just too much for him to handle, what a bigot!

Standing Up For Western Culture

Ida Auken called for:

..the standards of Danish society to be followed – such as greeting each other nicely and treating each other equally.

Bravo Ida for making a stand for Western meeting and greeting, long live the handshake!

Ida however was thrown under the bus and left alone in her fight against cis-gendered male Muslim patriarchal supremacy. Her party chairman Morten Østergaard was asked by New Citizens party leader, Pernille Vermund:

“Your party is built on freedom, so based on that incident, does Mr. Østergaard think that more Islam will mean more or less equality?” Will more Islam mean more or less freedom? And will that mean more or less democracy?”

Morten’s reply (roughly translated)….

“We do not judge people based on their religious beliefs. It is true that Ida Auken was afraid that a man would not give her the hand, but to embarrass everyone else with the same religious conviction is contrary to Danish values”.

What a bigoted, racist, culturally insensitive Nazi Ida is!

Heil Leftism, Heil Islam!

Read more HERE and HERE and HERE.

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