Muhammad Took Ayishas Innocence

by TR News

Ex-Muslim Hamdallah is #AwsomeWithoutAllah. Hamdallah talks about how Muhammad took Ayishas innocence.

The Perfect Prophet?

The Quran states that Muhammad is the perfect man, the perfect example for all of humanity. But is that really true, today, in the 21st century?

Muhammad The Perfect Man

Muhammad The Perfect Man

Ex-Muslim Hamdallah reveals one of the reasons why she left Islam, that the evil prophet Muhammad was a child molesting rapist who took the innocence of a little girl.

Muhammad is not the perfect man because perfect men do not rape children. Those who do should not be followed, revered, venerated or emulated because that gives legitimacy to child abuse.

Hamdallah is another brave Ex-Muslim who is #AwsomeWithoutAllah.

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