Mother Abuses Her Boy Child With Transgenderism

by TR News

In Dallas, Texas, there has been a hard-fought public case highlighting the issues of child transitioning. A mother abuses her boy child with transgenderism.

Sickening Child Abuse

A father from Texas has been legally prevented from stopping his ex-wife transitioning his seven-year-old son James into Luna using hormone-blocking therapies and chemical castration. A jury has decided that the boy’s father Jeffrey Younger can’t stop his ex-wife from transitioning his son to a girl. The jury has also ruled in favour of reducing the father’s custodial rights for his son.

A Fathers Fight

Jeffrey Younger married Dr. Anne Georgulas and fathered twin boys with her using in-vitro fertilisation with an egg donor. Dr. Anne Georgulas is a qualified paediatrician who runs her own practice; she’s also one of those “well-meaning” child abusers who wants to sterilise her child with cross-sex hormones so James can “transition” into the girl she wants.

Dr. Anne Georgulas - Trans Child Abuser

Dr. Anne Georgulas – Trans Child Abuser

Our thoughts go out to Jeffrey and James because playing with the lives, sexuality and genders of children is nothing short of child abuse. Putting children through hormone therapies and life changing surgeries can damage them for the rest of their lives, if a paediatrician doesnt realise that then there really is no hope for “modern day parents”.

You can read more about this case HERE and HERE and HERE.

Please support James’s father using the hashtag #ProtectJamesYounger

It’s time to #StopTransChildAbuse

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