Morrisons Manifest Corporate Violence Towards OAP

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A Brexit Party canvasser decided to visit Morrisons and get himself a cup of tea, he ends up being assaulted. Morrisons Manifest Corporate Violence Towards OAP

Corporate Tolerance

Yesterday a video shared on social media showed a campaigner for the Brexit Party being manhandled by a Morrison’s security guard and another male for what appears to be the crime of wanting a cup of tea while in possession of Brexit Party campaign leaflets. Michelle Dewberry, a Brexit Party candidate, called Morrisons out on their rough treatment of an OAP.

Michelle Dewburry - Brexit Party Candidate

Michelle Dewburry – Brexit Party Candidate

The video generated a lot of anger online, and twitter was awash with complaints directed at Morrisons. Business owner and online personality James Reality issued a formal request to his 7000 staff to not purchase anything from Morrisons and another twitter account chimed in to say he experienced hatred and intolerance at the same store just for wearing a UKIP badge? Apparently, a UKIP badge is a sign of “fascism”.

James Reality Twitter Feed

James Reality Twitter Feed

Deplatforming Political Canvassers

Morrisons did reply to the online outrage and said that customers in their store had complained that a man “was forcing leaflets onto them”. How exactly a senior citizen was “forcing” campaign leaflets onto customers has yet to be determined. Morrisons said they do not allow electioneering in their stores, that may be so; however, the man who was assaulted in the video above said he only wanted a cup of tea, and for that crime, he was pushed away then forcibly pushed to the ground.

Morrisons Twitter Feed

Morrisons Twitter Feed

Morrisons may have used the “electioneering” angle to somehow justify assaulting an OAP wanting to sit down and purchase a cup of tea in their cafe but they were called out on their “inconsistent approach” to the enforcement of “electioneering policies” at their stores given the fact that other political party canvassers have been spotted at Morrisons stores and have not had the same treatment met out to them? This poses a question, is the enforcement of Morrisons “electioneering policies” only directed towards those with a particular ideological stance?

Morrisons Twitter Feed

Morrisons Twitter Feed

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