Modern Day MARXISTS – A Tribute!

by TR News

As always the left in America and the U.K. go stir crazy at any mention of PRESIDENT Donald Trump. Cries of “racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobe and of course, not forgetting the classic – NAZI!” echo throughout the ether of left-wing political drivel.



Any news cycle that involves PRESIDENT Donald Trump invokes the kind of hatred reserved only for the jobless, toothless, meandering, scruffy, hippie zealots of the far-left and their left-leaning friends in the media.

People on the “left” just cannot, and will not, get over that fact that the American people decided on voting into office, a “disruptor in chief”. Clearly, Americans had enough of the crazy identitarian politics of the left.

Americans voted for someone to challenge the “looney tune” policies and culture wars foisted upon them by so-called “progressives”, or perhaps the better term would be “regressives”.

The left in America as well as here in the U.K. make currency out of perpetual victimhood, of “minority” status. It is now the “group” rather than the “individual” that is more important in the lefts culture war — politicians both here and in the U.S. are pretty adept at tapping into this “group power”.

The Labour party do it, the Democrats do it.

Same faeces, different smell.

Take, for example, trade unions, most, if not all, have extreme-left leanings, you will find many socialists, communists and anarchists involved in trade unions. Their members hold the same placards, chant the same invocations and base their rhetoric on “group oppression” which suits their politics down to the ground. Their mission is to make people feel oppressed, victimised and downtrodden, then they instil fear, victimhood and agitate for a “collective” change.

Power to the people!

Power in whose hands though? How is that power harnessed and through what ideological lens is that power exercised?

Marxism is the progenitor of Communism, and from Karl Marx came his work of Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto. This political philosophy has always been profoundly influential on the far-left, within trade unions and the Labour party, even the BBC manages to understand that as a matter of fact.

Nowadays, Marxism is still profoundly influential, in academia, in the educational system, in trade unions, in the humanities and corporate HR, but perhaps especially so in “political activism”. The paradigm that links yesterdays Marxism to today’s Marxism is the belief in the struggle between the oppressed versus the oppressor. It’s just that modern day Marxist activism also incorporates an “intersectional” aspect, which is incredibly divisive and leads us now to the radical-left that we have today.

Intersectionality is simply a number of social “groups” based off of race, class, gender (or not), perceived discrimination or disadvantage and nationality, just to name a few, there are many more, the list is almost non-exhaustive.

The destructive combination of an “oppressed” political struggle with a non-exhaustive “intersectional” platform brings us where we are, here today, in the 21st century.

Anyone who thinks differently to those on the far-left is immediately denounced as some kind of pariah, as someone of ill-will, as someone who gives power to the “oppressors” and is, therefore, part of the problem. Modern day politics is a hyper-partisan fundamental struggle between the right and left, between the rights of the “individual” to the rights of the “group”.

It’s a bit like two political ideologies coming together for a fight, in the red corner, Marxism, in the blue corner we have Capitalism, seconds out round one!

It’s not really a fight though, wherever socialism/communism has taken a political foothold, it has, inevitably, made people more impoverished, more destitute and desperate.

The far-left political activists of today are in full meltdown, their grip on the culture war is coming to an end, the shock of Brexit and the democratically elected president of the United States of America Mr Donald J Trump has pushed the left and mainstream media into a “triggered mode”.

They have “doubled down” on stupid!

Has anyone noticed the repeated rhetoric directed towards anyone who wanders from far-left narratives or their accepted speech codes – they tend to be called “bigots, homophobes, misogynist, racist and far-right”

The far-left just love their slanderous pejoratives, they fling them around like angry chimps throwing their own excrement.

Well, those are the repeated chants of the “allegedly” oppressed intersectional left, of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Very few people give a damn about someone’s sexuality, their gender, their race, their colour or nationality, apart from perhaps an incredibly small minority of people. A minority of people do not represent systemic oppression of anyone, yet the cries of the far-left would lead you to “think” that was the case.

That being said, everyone has the right to an opinion, even a distasteful one, governments have not yet managed to suppress freedom of thought, although we are sure they are working on it with their corporate social media friends.

Far-left regressives recruit gullible individuals into their “group” identitarian, intersectional, Marxist cause, based on “perceived” oppression.

The left always had a monopoly of supposed “victim and/or minority groups”, but with PRESIDENT Donald J Trump, the facade of left-wing PR has come crashing down, their mainstream media enablers have been called out for the fake news they really are.

Who would have known a supposed, racist, homophobic, misogynistic deplorable like Donald Trump would have so much “minority” support?



The far-left, whether they be here in the U.K. or over in the great U.S of A, only want one kind of diversity, and that is certainly not diversity of thought!

Thinking is too dangerous for them, assimilation into the repetitive, moribund, failed robotic ideals of Marxist and intersectional ideology provides a safe space for them. That way, they can reside in a totalitarian virtuous echo chamber and feel good about themselves.

Keep fighting the culture war PRESIDENT Trump, we stand by your side!

Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom – and no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech. – Benjamin Franklin

We will now leave you with clear examples of racist, homophobic and misogynistic Trump supporters as a tribute to our Marxist friends.




God bless America!

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