Militant vegan compares Aussie farmers to Nazis

by Avi Yemini

A well known vegan activist has attacked Australian dairy farmers, again. This time comparing Australian abattoirs to Nazi gas chambers.

Joey Carbstrong told the Today show, “when you see abuse and cruelty happening to animals, it’s natural to have an emotional response,” the 33-year-old said. “The standard way we kill pigs in Australia is with a gas chamber. Exactly the same way Nazi’s killed Jews in World War II.”

He continued: “So we’re using gas chambers every single day, killing millions and millions of pigs and they’re screaming, begging for their lives in these gas chambers, how is that any different?”

This comes after hitting the headlines when he publicly targeted a young South Australian farmer last month about third-generation farmer Casey Treloar, being forced to shut down their family farm last month.

Casey bid a tearful goodbye to the industry as her family’s farm struggled to get by amid the ongoing milk crisis. The third-generation farmer took to social media in February to share a heartbreaking post on the farm’s closure claiming one dollar supermarket milk prices contributed to its downfall.


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