Meet Muhammad The Raping Criminal Warlord

by TR News
Muhammads Hard-On For Ayisha

Emulating a seventh-century Arabian sand pirate in the twenty-first century could be problematic. It’s time to meet Muhammad the raping criminal warlord.

The Perfect Man

The Quran explicitly states that Muhammad is a pious example that all Muslims should follow. Given the fact that the Quran is supposedly the immutable word of Allah, this cannot be questioned by Muslims without fear of severe reprisals. Allah himself revealed this ayat through his messenger Muhammad.

Please bear in mind we will not be citing any so-called “anti-Islam hate websites”. We will only source and quote Islamic websites, Islamic scripture and Islamic historians that are deemed to be authoritative within the Muslim world. There is no need to propagandise a narrative that “suits our agenda” as our detractors no doubt will state. We will let Islamic sources speak for themselves.

If anyone would like to raise an issue with what we are publishing today, then please do take that up with the original sources of the scriptures and texts we will be quoting.

Allah specifically said that all those who worship him should look to Muhammad as an example of piety, of the best morals and judgement. Allah told his worshippers to follow and emulate Muhammad.

Follow and emulate Muhammad

Follow and emulate Muhammad

You can find that HERE.

This particular ayat is problematic for Muslims and Non-Muslims alike, but why? It’s problematic because Allah is the all-knowing creator, the supreme, omnipotent being whos words and judgements are absolute and unquestionable. Any Muslim who would cast doubt on the words and judgements of Allah would become an instant apostate of Islam. We are sure you all know what that punishment would be under Shariah Law.

The word Islam means “surrender”, which means Muslims have surrendered themselves to the divine authority of Allah. Allah’s word is absolute. His ordinations to humanity must be followed, questioning his authority or his wisdom can bring pain in life and hellfire in the afterlife.

This is the contextual conundrum of our allegedly free and democratic society. Non-Muslims and Non-Believers can think whatever they like about Allah and Muhammad. The believing Muslims however, not so much.

Muhammad The Repeat Offender

We are continually told that we cannot or should not judge Muhammad, (a sand pirate, slave owner and warlord who lived in the seventh century), on twenty-first-century morals, laws and cultures. This argument is, of course, absurd from the off. If a disgruntled Muslim uses this in an attempt to shut down any debate immediately, then this poses a much larger question. If the Quran is the immutable word of an all-knowing God, applicable for all times and all places, then undoubtedly he would have produced a religion that would be twenty-first-century friendly? Wouldnt he?

If not, does that mean Islam is only relevant for the seventh century and not the twenty-first? There’s an obvious and immediate problem; there are medieval backward ideas, morality and laws in direct conflict with Western modernity, culture and laws.

If Muslims were to behave as Muhammad did in the seventh century, here, in the United Kingdom, they would be doing some hard time. If we took Muhammad out of the seventh century and placed him here in the twenty-first, he would be sentenced for the following crimes.

Rape And Molestation Of A Minor

Sahih Bukhari – Volume 5, book 58, number 234 and 235 states that Muhammad was betrothed (engaged) to Aisha when she was six years of age, at nine years of age he married her.

You can find that HERE.

Shahi Bukhari also states that Muhammad “consummated” his “marriage” to Aisha when she was only nine years of age. Yes, Muhammad put his aroused erect penis into the vagina of a nine-year-old child, that makes Muhammad a paedophile, a child molesting/raping pervert. Hardly a man of exceptional piety or a perfect example for humankind to emulate.

In the United Kingdom, the molestation and rape of a minor (someone under the age of 13) is prosecuted under the sexual offences act. Any person convicted will be imprisoned for life.

You can find that HERE.

Wife Beating

Muhammad “struck” his child-wife Aisha in the chest which caused her “great pain”. Muhammad can add wife-beating to his resume, hardly surprising given the fact that the Quran allows for wife-beating anyway. The all-knowing Allah doesn’t mind a man striking a child spouse.

You can find that HERE.

According to UK law, Muhammad could be prosecuted under the “Offences Against the Person Act” which carries a sentence of between two and seven years imprisonment.

You can find that HERE.

Muhammad could also be prosecuted under the “Children and Young Persons Act 1933″. A conviction can bring a prison sentence of up to 10 years for the offender.

You can find that HERE.

Murder And Sex Slavery

Muhammad, apart from raping and molesting a minor, also had a penchant for murder. Muhammad had those who opposed him killed; he also had multiple persons killed at the same time. For example, the Banu Qurayza was one of the Jewish tribes that Muhammad had set out to conquer.

When Muhammad took his faithful disciples with him to do that, he and his merry men ended up beheading over 800 surrendered men and boys (and at least one woman) from that tribe!

Ibn Kathir is still to this very day revered by the Muslim world as a highly influential Sunni scholar. He is seen as someone who accurately dissects and explains the Quran. Ibn Kathir cites Quranic chapter 33, verses 26-27 and 9-10 as ones that refer to the attack against the Banu Qurayza.

After this attack, Muhammad and his men took sex slaves as spoils of war. So just on this incident alone (and this is by no means the only incident of this kind in the history of Muhammad), we have mass murder of men and boys, something that equates to genocide, we also have cases of kidnap and slavery.

Muhammad would be imprisoned for the rest of his natural life if he had carried out this kind of attack here in Britain. And that’s only based off of two factors. Murder is done to advance a political, religious or ideological cause; or murder by an offender previously convicted of murder. Muhammad would meet both of these legal requirements for life imprisonment.

You can find that HERE.

So what about the taking of women sex slaves after murdering all the men and pubescent boys of the tribe?

Well, Muhammad would be imprisoned for life!

You can find that HERE.

Obviously taking sex slaves will inevitably involve rape. Can anyone imagine any woman witnessing the murder of their fathers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, nephews, and sons, being up for a consensual sexual relationship with the barbarians who murdered them?

Comedians who engage in “dark humour” have said this is just Islamic foreplay.

Rape is punishable with life imprisonment!

You can find that HERE.

Allahu Akbar – Rape, Slavery, Torture And Robbery

If there are any Muslims out there who would deny this accusation, then they need look no further than the story of Muhammad capturing, enslaving and marrying a woman by the name of Safiyah bint Huyayy who was the daughter of a Jewish tribal chief and wife to a Jewish man named Kinana.

Kinana was the leader of the Jews at Khaybar. Kinana had hidden treasures that Muhammad wanted for himself and Kinana would not give up the treasures hidden location, Muhammad then ordered his men to “Torture him until you extract what he has”.

Muhammads merry men then kindled a fire with flint and placed an iron on his chest until he was nearly dead. In other words, they burned the man with a heated iron to make him give up the whereabouts of the treasure. After this Muhammad had him killed.

Kinanas head was severed from his body, much like the kind of brutal and hideous murders the Taliban, ISIS and Al-Qaeda carry out. You can find this story in the biography of Muhammad by Ibn Ishaq; it is the earliest historical biography of Muhammad. We recommend that everyone should read this book.

The atrocious and gruesome story of Kinana and his wife Safiyah is also repeated in the historical collections of Tabari, yes another Muslim historian.

Muhammad had Kinana killed and then he “married” Kinana’s wife and inevitably consummated his marriage with her.

Again can you envisage a woman who had seen the head of her husband chopped off, becoming sexually aroused and then having consensual sexual intercourse with the man responsible for his gruesome death?
Maybe this is just Islamic foreplay, and we are misunderstanding bigoted and hateful?

Shahi Bukari – probably the most authoritative hadith collection in the Muslim world states all of this in his authoritative collection.

You can find that HERE.

So after the story of Kinana and his wife Safiyah, we have more counts of murder, slavery and rape. As we have gone over these types of crimes we won’t do that again, but here we have another crime we have not dealt with, and that is the crime of torture.

Torture is covered under the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (Immunities and Privileges) Order 1988.

You can find that HERE.

Article 3 of the Human Rights Act also covers torture; it states that No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

You can find that HERE.

We think it’s fair to say that Kinana was tortured. We can’t think of any reasonable excuse or reason to burn another human being with a hot piece of iron. Well, unless it was to rob lots of treasure, then there could be some kind of moral justification maybe?

With the case of Kinana, we can also look at robbery as another reasonable prosecution. It is a prosecution that can bring a sentence of up to life imprisonment.

You can find that HERE.

Fitna Brings Terrorism

Muhammad promoted violence against anyone who created fitna. Fitna is by Quranic definition, disbelief in Muhammad and Allah and those who oppose Muhammad and Allah’s religion.

Sahih Bukhari’s hadith collection clearly shows that Muhammad was instructed to fight against all people unless they believe in Allah and that he is Allah’s apostle.

This had come directly from Muhammad; it’s an instruction to fight! To wage war, to kill or convert.

You can find that HERE.

Muhammad ordered his followers to become terrorists; this crime will be covered under the terrorism act 2000. Why? Because the promotion of violence and murder is seen as a “threat that is designed to influence the government (or an international governmental organisation] or to intimidate the public or a section of the public, and that the threat is made for the purpose of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause”.

Muhammad promoted terrorism.

You can find a link to the Terrorism Act 2000 HERE.

The Quran itself tells Muslims to strike terror into the hearts of unbelievers.

You can find that HERE.

The tafsir of Ibn Kathir makes it very clear what this Quranic verse means and what it entails.

You can find that HERE.

Without doubt, Muhammad would be charged under the terrorism act.

Assassinations Alhamdulillah

Muhammad wanted a man called Ka’b bin al-Ashraf killed; he was a Jewish poet who wrote verses about Muslims that Muhammad found insulting. Insulting Muhammad is worthy of a death sentence, don’t you agree? Strange though it may sound, but death for those who insult Muhammad and Islam is still common, even in the West.

Muhammad didn’t much like poets taking the piss out of him; he was that thin-skinned and that psychotic. Muhamad asked his followers ‘Who will rid me of this man?’, several people volunteered. Al-Ashraf ended up being stabbed to death by a mad Muhammadan carrying out his boss’s wishes.

This historical account is found in Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 59, Number 369.

You can find that HERE.

So Muhammad conspired to commit murder, or in simple terms, planned to have people he didn’t like, people who made fun of him, assassinated!

Conspiracy is covered by section 1 a and 2 a of the Criminal Law Act 1977.

This means yet another life sentence for Muhammad!

You can find that HERE.

We could go on and on and on, citing Islamic sources for hours and hours, there isn’t enough time to list all of the crimes Muhammad committed, we listed only a few. Suffice to say, Muhammad was indeed a criminal warlord who engaged in sexual slavery, the beating and molestation of a child, torture, assassinations, rape, robbery the list is almost endless.

We have one question to all Muslims and to the “regressive left”. Is Muhammad a perfect example that all Muslims should follow and emulate in the here and now of the twenty-first century?

Take a good hard look and see for yourselves, if you followed Muhammad’s example, emulated his behaviours and his actions today, you wouldn’t see the light of day for the rest of your natural lives. You would be a monster, an abomination, a pariah and an outcast of British society, a criminal murdering, raping, child molesting slave owner.

Where Would Muhammad Be If He Were Alive And Kicking In The UK?

We understand that a considerable portion of the Muslim community here in Britain, and indeed many on the regressive left will argue ad-hominem about our bigotry and hate. There will be charges that we loathe all Muslims, even though we make it abundantly clear the distinction between Muhammad, his holy texts and Muslims as individual people.

We don’t have hope for Islamic texts; they speak for themselves. We can, however, strive for hope with individual Muslims, ones who can see sense, work towards accepting honest debate and a much-needed reformation of their religion.

Many people will slander us, those who do will be arguing from emotion, not from facts. We all must have an honest discussion about the “so-called perfect man” that all of humanity should emulate. Emulating Muhammad can lead to intolerance, hatred, the rape and molestation of children and the beating and sexual enslavement of women. Muhammads Islam is barbaric; its foundations lie in the goal of absolute supremacy over all humankind.

The time to be honest about Muhammad’s seventh-century Islam is now; it’s not compatible with modern twenty-first-century, Western culture or the rule of law.

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