Media Scrambles To Slander A Bearded Ginger Convert

by TR News
Tommy Converted To Islam

Mainstream media have played their part in promoting Islamophobic attacks online. Today we see how the media scrambles to slander a bearded ginger convert to Islam.

Respect The Ginger

Outside Belmarsh category A prison mainstream media “journalists” swarmed on Tommy Robinson, agitating and confronting him about his newfound faith and fist-length ginger-tinged facial hair.

Tommy found Allah during his incarceration; he was hiding under the bed. Tommy asked him what he was doing there? Apparently, Allah was nicked for encouraging the rape and molestation of children as young as nine for the past 1400 years. Allah received a hefty sentence, but he should be out in two months on tag.

Although Tommy was disgusted at the thought of sharing a room with Allah, he got to know him eventually. Once Allah explained the situation to him, Tommy found that he had been perhaps too hasty and taken Allah’s paedophilic admission “out of context” because Allah explained to him that a nine-year-old child is actually a mature woman.

Cultural Gingerphobia

When Tommy was released from Belmarsh prison, some pontificating paparazzi poured scorn on his new “rugged religious” looks and scolded him for being a “ginger cowardly convert”.

Not Far Right - Not Far Wrong

Not Far Right – Not Far Wrong

A tiny minority of reporters, however, were very kind. They could appreciate the benefits of cultural and religious diversity in our green and pleasant land. The reporters we are talking about correctly referred to him as “a far-right extremist”Alḥamdulillāh. They understand the benefits of living under the shoe of sharia law, the benefits of wife-beating and the need for punishing dissenters with amputation, expulsion from their indigenous homeland or death by way of crucifixion.

Unfortunately, some online gingerphobic bigots refuse to accept Tommy’s “Far-Right” tag, they are destined for the hellfire, may shatan be pleased with them.

Pat Tells It How It Is

Pat Tells It How It Is

Although Tommy has come out of Belmarsh a new man, feared and loathed, he knows there are some who understand and embrace the fact that Islam has come to dominate the dar al-harb.

Islam means peace.

Allah said so!


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