MCB Islamist Pincer Attack On Conservative Party

by TR News
Muslim Council Of Britain

Islamists use “Islamophobia” as their weapon of choice to push their ideological agenda. MCB Islamist Pincer Attack On Conservative Party.

Freedom Of Speech Under Attack

The pincer attack is a military strategy used throughout history by invading armies. It is a manoeuvre that attacks enemy flanks simultaneously in a pinching motion, surrounding the enemy, preventing escape. It pretty much guarantees a military victory if carried out at speed, with precision, ruthlessness, and effective coordination on the battlefield.

On the battlefield of British politics, a bloody war has been waged on our supposedly inalienable rights – the right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. An Islamist enemy has waged this “jihad” on our freedoms through deception and infiltration. An “all-party parliamentary group” have coordinated with the Muslim Council of Britain (an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood) to essentially destroy our constitutional and human rights by proposing a new definition of “Islamophobia”.

The all-party parliamentary group want Islamophobia defined as something:

“Rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.”

TR.News published an article on this matter HERE.

Using Every Stratagem Of War

Islamophobia – A Stratagem Of War

It was around the time of this proposal from the “all-party parliamentary group” the Conservative Party came under a coercive and sustained attack from its left-wing and Islamist opponents, and from some within the party. The Conservative Party faced allegations that it was “institutionally riven with Islamophobia” by one of its own – Baroness Warsi.

TR.News published an article about that HERE.

The push for a definition of “Islamophobia” happened around the time the Conservative Party faced allegations of “institutional Islamophobia”. This political “pincer attack” was “well-timed” and perhaps “coordinated”. The pincer strategy had the intention of coercing the Government to “sign up to the definition” as it were.

It failed!

The National Police Chiefs Council issued a statement saying:

“We are concerned that the definition is too broad as currently drafted, could cause confusion for officers enforcing it and could be used to challenge legitimate free speech on the historical or theological actions of Islamic states. There is also a risk it could also undermine counter-terrorism powers, which seek to tackle extremism or prevent terrorism.”

Boris Johnson resisted intense political pressure and refused to sign up to the proposed definition of Islamophobia. Boris also faced up to accusations of “institutional islamophobia” by declaring an independent enquiry, one to be headed by former Conservative cabinet minister Swaran Singh. Baroness Warsi was not amused with the appointment and immediately went on the attack. Professor Swaran Singh once wrote an article for Spiked about his family history in Kashmir. The article went against Baroness Warsi’s view of the Kashmir conflict, so she started a political smear campaign against him.

As all political sore losers do.

All Party Group - Tackling Islamophobia

All Party Group – Tackling Islamophobia

If At First You Don’t Succeed..

All of these political attacks were in full swing while the Labour Party struggled with its Radical Left-Wing/Islamist alliance and their blatant anti-semitic leanings. Maybe the political pincer attack was a way of deflecting attention from Jew-hating Corbynites?

Who knows?

Together Baroness Warsi, the all-party parliamentary group, the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated MCB, Hope Not Hate and the BBC could not pressure Boris enough for him to accept the proposed definition of Islamophobia. Nor could they pressure him enough to admit “institutional Islamophobia” within the Conservative Party. So what else could they do? Well, they took their case to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, hoping they would investigate alleged “Islamophobia” in the same way they are investigating the Labour Party’s handling of alleged anti-semitism within its ranks.

Today the Equality and Human Rights Commission said it would not investigate claims of Islamophobia in the Conservative Party. Immediately the Islamic Human Rights Commission put out this statement:

“We will be monitoring the review and requiring the party to provide regular updates on progress. If we are not satisfied with progress or how the investigation is conducted we will review our decision and do not rule out the use of our legal powers. The Equality and Human Rights Commission has failed the Muslim community by deciding not to formally investigate the Conservative Party over widespread and persistent allegations of Islamophobia

IHRC notes the glaring discrepancy in the EHRC’s treatment of the Labour Party over allegations of anti-Semitism and its latest decision. Last year the EHRC launched a probe into Labour after receiving allegations that anti-Semitism was rife in the party.

As it is the party of Government, Islamophobia in the Conservative Party affects stands to affect every single one of Britain’s three million Muslims. By leaving a party which has effectively fanned the flames of Islamophobia in Britain to police itself, the EHRC is effectively failing in its duty to protect Britain’s Muslims. Behaving selectively in its treatment of minorities makes the EHRC unfit for purpose and part of the problem of racism in our society, not a solution.”

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is an organisation that advocates for the Ayotollahs. It is an organisation steeped in “extremism, support for overseas terror groups and extreme anti-Semitism” according to the Henry Jackson Society.

Islamists, their useful idiots on the far-left and their influence on British politics will not wane, they have lost some battles; however, their jihad on freedom of speech and freedom of expression will continue no doubt about it.

We must be concious of this threat. The right to freedom of speech depends on it!

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