MAKING CROWDER LOUDER: Google ‘Declares War’ On Right-Wing YouTubers

by TR News

WEB-GIANT Google declared ‘war’ on right-wing YouTubers yesterday by defunding the host of popular YouTube show ‘Louder with Crowder’ after pressure from a left-wing journalist.

Crowder was accused of repeatedly attacking a Vox journalist Carlos Maza’s sexuality and leading a ‘campaign of hate’.

Maza compiled a ‘montage’ of hilarious Crowder clips that omitted any ‘context’, the Vox hack describes himself as a ‘Marxist Pig’.

Vox’s Maza claimed he had a ‘pretty thick skin’ then accused Crowder of attacks on his sexual orientation and his ethnicity, claiming that his videos ‘made him a target of ridiculous harassment’ adding that it makes his life ‘sort of miserable’.


Maza claimed he ‘wasn’t mad at Crowder’ and directed his anger at YouTube in an attempt to silence Crowder just months before the U.S. election.

YouTube later issued a statement thanking Maza for sharing the ‘information’ with them and added that Crowder’s videos did not violate their policies.


YouTube said that they ‘take allegations of harassment very seriously’ and then moved to demonetise the smash-hit ‘Louder with Crowder’ channel that gains millions of views, despite Crowder not violating any YouTube policies in a clear attempt to silence right-wing opinion,  something they have done many times to other Conservative or right-leaning YouTubers.

Maza later tweeted that YouTube had decided ‘not to punish Crowder’ despite the host being demonetized – affecting the finances of an independent media voice.

Paul Joseph Watson weighed in on the controversy dubbed ‘#VoxAdpocalypse’ accusing Maza’s employer – Vox – that’s partly owned by Comcast – the same company that owns NBC of ‘contrived mob outrage’ to silence their ‘competition.’

Crowder hit back on Twitter accusing Vox of ‘targeting Independent creators’ adding ‘The target was NEVER actually me. From the start, Vox’s explicitly stated goal was changing the entire model of YouTube to silence independent creators.’

Reclaim the Net said the web giant was ‘taking away the livelihoods of independent creators’ who are the backbone of their platform to appease ‘corporatist media’.

So far, YouTube has banned several right-wing accounts including YouKipper, The Great Order and has Demonetized Martin Sellner, Stephen Crowder, Red Iced Tea and deleted videos from Gavin McInnes, Black Pigeon Speaks and Milo Yianoppolous.

YouTube also announced that it plans to boost “authoritative sources” to limit the recommendation of “harmful misinformation” in late 2019… just in time for the 2020 Election.

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