Liverpudlian Fought ISIS – Now Convicted Of Terror Training

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Aiden James - Fought With The YPG

ISIS, without doubt, is the most barbaric terrorist organisation the world has ever seen in modern history. A Liverpudlian fought ISIS – now convicted of terror training.

The Story Of Aiden James

A twenty-seven-year-old father from Formby Liverpool decided to go to Syria and fight barbaric ISIS scum, a commendable and worthwhile venture to combat and destroy the Islamofascists caliphate in the region.

During the start of 2017, Aiden became intrigued with the YPG, a Marxist inspired Kurdish militia who were fighting ISIS in Syria. His fascination and online investigations of the Kurdish YPG drew the attention of counter-terrorism officers; they raided his home in April 2017. Counter-terrorism officers talked to him about travelling to Syria, and he said that although he supported the YPG, he had no wish to be on the front lines.

Aiden had no knowledge or experience of military combat. He applied to serve in the British Armed Forces; however, they rejected his applications due to mental health issues. Aiden’s mother said that he was inspired to go and fight ISIS after the Manchester arena bombing. Fighting ISIS scum is legitimate and morally guided, who could possibly argue against that?

The Terror Connection

Only a month after his visit from counter-terrorism officers Aiden bought tickets and flew to Turkey, from there he ended up in Syria fighting with the militant Marxist inspired Kurdish YPG. Aiden’s journey from military “know nothing” to “armed rebel” is where, perhaps, the government thought there was a step too far.

Aiden had trained in two camps, one of which belonged to the Marxist PKK. The PKK is a recognised terrorist organisation here in the UK, also in the USA and in the EU. The PKK just so happen to be linked with the YPG in Syria, which is why Turkey went on the offensive once American troops pulled out of the area. The PKK has been fighting and committing acts of terrorism in Turkey for a very long time. There is very bad blood between certain Kurdish factions and Turkey.

Aiden James - Trained With The PKK And The YPG

Aiden James – Trained With The PKK And The YPG

Come Home And Arrested For Terrorism

Aiden while fighting ISIS scum over in Syria was helped by the RAF as he marched towards caliphate controlled areas because the YPG were part of a much larger rebel supported force, the Syrian Democratic Forces. The SDF for all intents and purposes were just re-branded Marxist militants which made things easier for Western Governments given the political difficulties of being aligned with a Marxist terror organisation.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Aiden was a leftist, what’s up for debate is how left-leaning he was. Well, to fight alongside militant Marxists you would have to be of a certain political persuasion anyway, perhaps Aiden’s own words define his political leanings:

“I chose the YPG because they are a force fighting for [the] freedom of their people, solidarity, unity, feminism, humanity and peace.
The YPG basically means the people’s defence force. They stand against oppression and persecution.”

You can find that quote in the Liverpool Echo HERE.

Political Persecution – Political Prosecution

Leftists will hate us saying this, but it’s true, and they know it’s true. People can and are persecuted and prosecuted for political reasons. The number of legal cases brought against Tommy Robinson highlight that as a matter of fact, especially his latest conviction for contempt of court, the case of Aiden James also highlights political persecution and prosecution.

Jeremy Wright was the Attorney General at the time of Aiden being arrested and detained when he came home to Britain from Syria. Mr Justice Edis who presided over the case to prosecute Aiden criticised Jeremy Wright, especially given the fact that Aiden was on the same side as the RAF who were also fighting ISIS at the time.

Today Aiden was convicted of a terror offence at the Old Bailey, albeit on lesser charges than what was originally brought by the Attorney General. Aiden has been convicted of attending a terrorist training camp run by the proscribed PKK or Kurdish Workers’ Party, but that was only after a re-trial!

Mr Justice Edis said he was powerless to stop the prosecution for preparing acts of terrorism by fighting with the YPG in Syria because the decision to prosecute was “a political one” and the reason for the decision had not been revealed.

Proof Of Political Persecution?

Proof Of Political Persecution?

Although we are most probably ideological opposites to Aiden, his treatment by the government has been appalling, we are pretty confident in saying that he was prosecuted because of a political will to do so.

We don’t like Marxists; we loathe them. However, when they step up to fight the murdering barbarians of ISIS, we will support them in that legitimate and morally guided effort.

If you want to read more about the PKK and the YPG click HERE and HERE

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