Liberal Democrats Don’t Believe In Democracy

by TR News

The Liberal Democrats don’t believe in democracy because they want to ignore the British people’s referendum on leaving Europe and stay in the EU.

Democratic Democracy Or Autocracy?

Jo Swinson is the leader of the Liberal Democrat Party in the UK, and in the most transparent way possible, she and her party has decided that the democratic will of the British people means NOTHING.

Liberal Democrat membership voted overwhelmingly in favour to revoke article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. What this means in simple layman’s terms is that the Lib Dems intend to STOP the United Kingdom from withdrawing from the European Union. The voices and the votes of 17.4 MILLION Britons mean absolutely NOTHING to Jo Swinson and her Lib Dem Party.

At least the Lib Dem’s have been more forthright about their intentions compared to the Labour Party. Labour has flip-flopped all over the place, but, even though they have flip-flopped, they intend to stop Brexit as well. Emma Thornberry made that much clear when Piers Morgan interviewed her last week.

You can read more about that by clicking HERE.

It is obvious to the British electorate that a vote for Labour or a vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote against democracy and the will of the British people. Neither party want or will respect the referendum vote in favour of LEAVING the EU.

Lib Dems Save The Whale Karaoke Party

Lib Dems Save The Whale Karaoke Party

Deceptive Democratic Demagoguery

The Liberal Democrat website has an entire page dedicated to its constitution; it makes for an enlightening read.

The Lib Dem’s “champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals” and they “believe that sovereignty rests with the people and that authority in a democracy derives from the people”.

Hypocrites Dont Follow Their Own Constitution

Hypocrites Dont Follow Their Own Constitution

To pick up on the latter point, if the Lib Dem’s did honestly believe that sovereignty rests with the people and that authority in a democracy derives from the people, they would HONOUR and RESPECT the will of the MAJORITY of the British electorate who voted to LEAVE the EU. It does seem as though the Lib Dems don’t follow their own constitution in that specific regard, which makes them hypocrites!

Another point to make is their farcical championing of the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals. As much as we loathe and object to Tony Blair and oppose his politics in virtual totality, we respect that he’s a human being and deserves to live his life. The Liberal Democrats, on the other hand, want him DEAD!

Well, we suppose that’s the Lib Dem’s way of championing Tony Blair’s “dignity and well-being” through the medium of drink, song and dance. However, again, this seems to be in direct opposition to the context of their constitution?

Politics is a game for hypocrites, totalitarians and demagogues. Let’s get a general election done ASAP so the British people can remind Ministers of Parliament who they work for. Let’s remove these traitors from power.

All of them!

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