LGBTQ Indoctrination And Activism Affects Children’s Identity

by TR News

Abusers easily manipulate Children’s minds for their own sordid pleasures or cultural activism. LGBTQ indoctrination and activism affect children’s identity.

Before reading any further, please do watch the video above.

Grooming Children

Children by their very nature are immature; their levels of cognition are not the same as an adult which means children are more susceptible to being “groomed”. Take, for instance, the despicable “grooming” and industrialised rape of young children by predominantly Pakistani Muslim men. The children were, for the most part, vulnerable and easily “seduced” into thinking they were being loved and taken care of. They accepted the abuse as something that was a “normal” part of their lives at the time.

Why was that?

There are many reasons to consider. A lack of parental love, abuse at home, child-like rebelliousness, perhaps the need to feel “special”, and being part of something they could belong to, even if that meant belonging to paedophile rapists.

What many people don’t tend to consider is that children, just by the virtue of being children, are inescapably vulnerable because of their immature brains. This “grooming” can apply to children who come from loving and caring homes just as it can to children who don’t.

The Frontal Cortex

What does the frontal cortex do?

The frontal cortex is the last part of the brain to develop fully. The frontal cortex is responsible for cognitive functioning. Take, for instance, this hypothetical situation:

A man sees a young child on his own, opens his car door and introduces himself in a most kind and sincere way. The boy not seeing the man as anything but kind, engages in conversation. The man learns the boy’s name and after speaking for a minute or so offers the boy a look at his new pet puppy dog. The boy then voluntarily gets into the man’s car, and then he disappears, never to be seen or heard of again.

Why did the little boy do that?

The boy got into the man’s car because he had very little in the way of “COGNITIVE AWARENESS”. Cognitive maturity would have raised alarm bells for the little boy. Cognitive awareness would allow a child to access a part of the brain that would be able to determine something was wrong. What does this stranger I’ve never seen before want? Why is he so nice? Why does he want me to get into his car and see his puppy dog? Is this man, for all of his kind words a danger to me? Perhaps I shouldn’t trust this man.

Children do not have great cognitive awareness or maturity. In fact, the frontal cortex, which is the part of the brain associated with cognition, does not develop fully until the ages of 25 to 30. It’s easy to understand why the little boy got into the car after all. He could not determine the danger to his life. He could not deduce the kind man’s intent or “read between the lines” as it were. The boy could only act on his impulse to see a puppy dog.

The video above this article spells out, very clearly, the intent, the implications and the agenda behind LGBTQ diversity education. This “education” will be rammed down the throats of our YOUNG CHILDREN at early primary school age from September 2020 as part of the curriculum. It’s even happening in nurseries!

The Danger Of LGBTQ Indoctrination

The LGBTQ lobby is predominantly filled with left-wing activists. Schools are filled with teachers who are LGBTQ “activists”. The methods of teaching, as well as the resources that are being used, will have a disproportionate effect on our children, the statistics are already bearing that out. It should come as no surprise that in the last eight years the number of children in the UK who identify themselves as transgender has risen 4,500%.

Ask yourselves why?

The LGBTQ lobby, it’s partners in government, and its financial enablers will end up destroying more lives because of their need to “indoctrinate hate away”. Before activists drove this LGBTQ agenda, the number of children diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” was minuscule. Now we celebrate the conversion of children into the LGBTQ community through subversive, suggestive and “educational training” that will officially form part of the school curriculum as of next year. Looking at the “toolkits” provided by various LGBTQ organisations to schools, it’s pretty clear; they actually ENCOURAGE children to be part of the alphabet soup. Being gay, lesbian, transgendered or queer is incentivised, it makes kids feel “special” and makes them want to belong to something they can be a part of.

We need to call out the LGBTQ lobby for what it advocates, “CHILD GROOMING”.

Parents need to stand up and do something about it. People in the LGBTQ community who disagree with the indoctrination of children also need to stand up and make their voices heard. Failure to do that will send a clear message, left-wing radicals will speak for your ENTIRE community.

Don’t complain when heterosexual people rise up, challenge, confront and object to this indoctrination of their children if you won’t. Nobody really cares about adult sexual preferences, whether they are transgender, gay, lesbian, queer, or whatever else remains in the alphabet soup.

People do care about sexualising and confusing their children; that’s a line that should never be crossed. Attempts to force this kind of diversity will have exactly the opposite effect. Maybe that was the intention of this child grooming all along?

The time to speak up is now.

You can read more about the LGBTQ curriculum HERE and HERE.

If you are part of the LGBTQ community and have issues with the way the LGBTQ loobby push their agenda into schools then please do get in touch with us at If you want to send us an article explaining why you oppose this sort of education and you can highlight what the LGBTQ community can do to push back on it we would love to hear from you.

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