LGBT Agenda Brainwashing Kids In School

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LGBT Agenda Brainwashing Kids In School


LGBT Agenda Brainwashing Kids In School

A new law about relationships and sex education (RSE) comes into effect for all schools in England this September. Children from the age of four will be taught what schools think they should learn about sex, sexuality and gender dysphoria. Unfortunately, this law has created an environment where children can be misled, confused and in some cases, prematurely sexualised.

Serious issues have already arisen where schools have been teaching RSE early. For example, one parent was told by a teacher in a Birmingham school that it was none of her business what the school taught her child.

Schools have been known to act unlawfully and push a problematic ideological agenda. The Educate and Celebrate programme is not neutral but aims to “smash heteronormativity”, and the No Outsiders programme that has attracted so much media attention is based on “Queering the primary classroom”.

Some Head Teachers have refused to listen to parents’ concerns. In Heavers Farm Primary in Croydon children were expected to participate in LGBT Pride celebrations against parents’ wishes.

Even Local Authorities have caused problems. Warwickshire County Council has recommended schools use the All About Me programme which encourages masturbation for Infant children. It took the threat of legal action to make the council withdraw its recommendation of the programme.

So, what are the issues with RSE? Alarmingly, established, mainstream child development expertise has been ignored in many RSE programmes. This means that they cannot be guaranteed to be age-appropriate. Some programmes aim to lower a child’s inhibitions and encourage sexual experimentation. This is effectively grooming children.

Images cannot be unseen. They are imprinted on the memory for life. There have been instances of primary children shielding their eyes from viewing the sex education video presented to them. The British Board of Film Classification would not allow images in some sex-ed programmes for primary school children to be shown in films for adults. Primary children watching a video about a transitioning 11-year-old child were so distressed it had to be turned off before it was finished.

In some Relationships education programmes, friendships with someone of the same sex (the most common friendship among children of primary school age), is blended with same-sex adult sexual relationships. This is misleading, confusing and unhelpful. It is not education.

Teachers promoting gender choice are irresponsible and arguably criminally misleading children. Life-changing surgery and a lifetime of drugs is not good health. For example, there is evidence to show puberty blockers retard and even stop physical development in areas like skeletal structure and the brain in children and teenagers. And many individuals have already deeply regretted their decision to transition.

The law says that parents are the primary educators for their children. There is, however, no right to withdraw from Relationships education for up to 16 years, and there is only a downgraded right to request a withdrawal from sex education in secondary school. This is an unprecedented step to usurp the authority of parents by the nanny state.

Every school will choose how they will fulfil the requirements RSE law, some using in-house resources and others using or adapting external programmes. Therefore, the only way a parent can know what their child will be taught is to ask.

Coming out of COVID-19 lockdown, it’s unlikely that schools will be back full-time until September at the earliest. Even though every school must consult with parents on RSE policy and samples of materials should be made available for inspection, the law requires that RSE be taught from September this year.

It is imperative, then, that parents take the initiative and, as a matter of urgency, ask when policy consultation will occur at their school, so the RSE curriculum can be developed with their input.

If you are a primary school parent or carer, please email your Headteacher, asking when your school will be engaging with parents on RSE policy. At the consultation, you can ask questions, look at samples of teaching materials and make sure you consider them appropriate for your child. If you aren’t a parent or carer, please let any parents or carers you know about this.

Attached is some suggested wording for an email to the school to use if you would find this helpful (feel free to personalise as you want) and below is a summary of some of your parental rights. The law is on your side.

Not all schools will teach bad RSE, but if you are not happy with the school’s response to your enquiry, let us know about it by emailing us (with the schools response) to:


To find out how school headteachers are planning to “educate” your children on matters of LGBT sex education and compulsory LGBT “relationships” we have devised a template that you can download and use if you want to.

To fully understand your rights as parents in law and the guidance issued to schools from the Department For Education click on the download button below.

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