Latest poll sees 20% backing Brexit Party & UKIP

by TR News

The latest YouGov poll shows the Tories down and the pro-Brexit parties gaining traction and rising. This no doubt has been fueled by the disdain and anger from Brexiteers at the prospect of Theresa May’s ‘bad deal’ being passed.

The poll, which carried out between 14th-15th March, asked voters about who they plan to support at the next General Election. The poll found support for the Tories down 5 points compared to a similar poll carried out just 10 days before.

Brexit Party are up 4%, while UKIP are up 6% from a previous 3%.

11% of those leavers asked are now backing UKIP, with a further 9% backing the Brexit Party.

These figures show that a fifth of pro-Brexit voters are now backing these two pro-Brexit Parties. This comes as no surprise in the wake of the ever increasing prospect of a Brexit, which the people voted for, not being delivered.

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