We need to investigate the Labor-China friendship

by Avi Yemini

In a worrying trend of subversive behaviour, ALP politicians continue to support and promote China. This time with Labor MP Joel Fitzgibbons coming out against an investigation into China’s responsibility for Covid-19.

Working For The Enemy

The Australian Labor Party proclaims to work for the little guy against the big corporations. They say they fight racism and bigotry against minority groups. What they don’t tell you is, they actually work for the biggest monster currently: China.

From former MP Sam Dastyari’s Chinese donations scandal to a recent raid on MP Shaoquette Moselmane, Labor’s murky links with China keeps getting uncovered.

Labor also has its more public dealings with China that we cannot overlook. In particular, the infamous $1.5 trillion deal made with Victoria’s Labor Government recently.

In light of current events including Covid-19 cover-up, violence in Hong Kong and cyber attacks on Australia itself, it seems we have traitors in our midst.

Another Operative?

Now in yet another China-serving move by a Labor MP, Joel Fitzgibbons says we shouldn’t investigate them over Covid-19. He is worried we will ‘offend’ our ‘trading partner’.

He was already attacking calls for an inquiry back in May. Now it’s July, and the evidence is mounting against China. And still, he opposes action.

Fitzgibbons told ABC Insiders:

We have to take no step backwards on our national interest and be most robust in defence of them. But, there’s a thing called diplomacy, and we don’t unnecessarily have to be criticizing the Government of China when there’s no need for doing so.”

It’s hard to work out what he means by ‘no need’, but he continued:

The idea of sending UN weapons-style inspectors into Wuhan without the consent of the Chinese Government, is just a silly thing to say, an unnecessary thing to say, and it just challenges our trading relationship with our biggest trading partner.”

One wonders if he believes the increasing cyber-attacks from China also ‘challenge’ our trading relationship.

Either way, we probably need to investigate the Labor-China relationship. If things continue to escalate, we must be sure that China is not fighting us from within.

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