Keeping America Great – DONALD TRUMP

by TR News

Today ITV broadcast typically “left-leaning biased propaganda” of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign that kicked off in Orlando Florida.

The Donald took his campaign to the 20,000-capacity Amway Center; it was packed to the rafters with supporters who approve of his policies and fans of his politically incorrect charm.

You have to hand it to the Don; he sure knows how to get people energised, engaged and support his bid for a second term of President of the United States of America.

By all accounts the weather was atrocious, rain fell however that did not dampen the energy and the love for the president. Considering the man has more than 90% negative coverage from American TV networks, he seems to be doing just fine.

Who can forget the New York Times coming out and saying that Hillary Clinton was going to win by a whopping 91% margin?


Donald Trump rightly branded them as Fake-News, which, unfortunately, most of the mainstream media are nowadays, they have supplanted news with partisan propaganda, Trump has been the sunlight exposing left-wing bias.

Right now CNN and MSNBC’s ratings have flopped, more so since the breathless, repeated toxic narrative of a now wholly defunct Russian Collusion conspiracy which has been played out for more than 2 years by networks who are not so friendly to the Donald.

Keep calling out the Fake-News Donald; we do the same over here at TR.News. People are waking up with your help, so keep fighting the good fight.

We won’t go into too much detail with the video above as it speaks for itself, suffice to say Donald Trump supporters LOVE Tommy Robinson, and ITV have to call them “Far-Right” for showing that love. Who would have thought that chanting “Ohh Tommy Tommy, Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Robinson” would have a “militant” overture?

America, we are PROUD of your BOYS.

ITV referred to those who chanted Tommy’s name as “Militant Trump Loyalists”.

ITV = Fake-News!

That’s the standard operating procedure for left-leaning media propagandists; they are the opposition party. They are not newsworthy; they are political hacks.

We love you Donald; we love our cousins and supporters across the pond, we wish you well and continued success in defeating the radical left and its Democrat support, all while Keeping America Great.

Keep WINNING!!!!

God bless you all, and God Bless The United States Of America.

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