Journalist suspended from Twitter for Hong Kong report

by Avi Yemini

Canadian journalist, Keean Bexte, has been suspended from Twitter for “abuse and harassment” after reporting about the suspicious death of a British couple in Hong Kong.

Police allege the pro-democracy couple from Britain leapt to their death, leaving a suicide note in Chinese and English.

Hong Kong protesters have been declaring “I won’t kill myself” after a surge in suspicious deaths across the city.

Earlier this week, a video purporting to show a man being pushed out of a high rise building window in Hong Kong went viral after police declared it as another “unsuspicious suicide”.

Mr Bexte told TR news

Twitter folds like a cheap suit when powerful people want to silence me. Whether it is CCP loyalists or Communists in Canada, Twitter rarely stands up for free speech. It is a fault in their platform, but it’s not going to stop me from sharing the truth.”

The Rebel News journalist has appealed his suspension.

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