Kathy Griffin’s Lovechild Is A Bit Of A Dribbler

by TR News

Glorifying beheadings are things of ISIS and the far-left it seems. In a climate of political “wokeness”, we find Kathy Griffin’s lovechild is a bit of a dribbler.

Decapitated Heads Are Funny

Donald Trump’s election victory over Hillary Clinton caused a mass upset, half of America went into a politically driven mental meltdown. The MSM blamed “white privilege” and “misogyny” for Hilary’s loss, Van Jones, when live on air, said the result was a “whitelash” against a black president.

Truth be told, Donald Trump’s win was due to a number of different factors. One of the reasons for Trump’s victory was that the American people were fed up with political correctness, that identity politics had caused more division than healing. America had reached too far left for the average person, and Donald Trump was the antidote to that insanity.

Millions of people who voted for Donald Trump also voted for Barack Obama TWICE. Those Americans expected change, that’s what Obama campaigned on. What Americans ended up with was a country reaching further and further left, that group identities were far more important than the individual, and as a consequence, the average American become disillusioned.

Left-Wing Hollywood Reactionaries

Hollywood could not accept, and still, do not accept that Donald Trump won the presidency. The outrage became more and more virulent, violent, incendiary and unhinged. Hollywood elites went from wearing pussy hats to threatening to blow up the white house, even inciting people to murder Donald Trump.

Female comic Kathy Griffin earned her notoriety when she posted a video holding up the bloodied decapitated head of Donald Trump which caused quite a stir in America. However, her image holding up a severed head went viral; her image got the boost it needed. Sure she took flack for what she did, but it was intentional. She said sorry, then played the victim, then retracted her apology, and now she’s reaping the benefits of her infamy by turning it into a big fat paycheque. That was probably the intention all along.

Slowthai - A Bit Of A Dribbler

Slowthai – A Bit Of A Dribbler

Copycat Cringe

Boris Johnson has now become the UK’s Donald Trump because he wants to carry out the will of the British people, that is, to leave the European Union. Brexiteers have always had to endure the mudslinging of the far-left, we are all racist, we hate people of colour, we have destroyed Britain in their mind.

The political angst and ill-feelings that are evident in the UK have become a profitable market to tap into. The insecure, undemocratic, authoritarian will of political remainers have painted Boris as the face of “Little England” of “colonialism” of “white supremacy”. And now we have our very own Kathy Griffin.

Slowthai - Recruiting For ISIS

Slowthai – Recruiting For ISIS

During the Mercury Prize ceremony a virtually unknown rapper who calls himself Slowthai got on stage with an imitation severed head of Boris Johnson shouting “Fuck Boris Johnson, Fuck Everything”. No doubt to promote his “Nothing Great About Britain” album.

What a great role model for our children, the man must be celebrated and revered. Now it’s his time for that viral moment so he too can look forward to that big fat paycheque.

Leftism is unhinged, its mentally unstable, and it’s coming to a town near you! Just don’t expect anything original.

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