John Sweeney LEAVES The BBC After 17 Years “Service”

by TR News

In the early part of 2019, Tommy Robinson produced a documentary called Panodrama exposing the BBC and the “methods” of John Sweeney. John Sweeney LEAVES The BBC After 17 Years “Service”.

Outed, Exposed, And Now Unemployed

In the early part of 2019, Tommy Robinson and his team exposed how insidious and corrupt the BBC and it’s now ex-employee John Sweeney was and still is.

Instead of searching for the truth John Sweeney conspired to produce a fake-news documentary that, if he succeeded, would have made Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon in case you didn’t already know) look like a sexual predator, an abuser of women.

John Sweeney's Twitter Feed

John Sweeney’s Twitter Feed

Commuppence Comes – John Goes

After seventeen years at the Biased Broadcasting Corporation John Sweeney has decided to leave the organisation. John was under investigation by the BBC after being found out to be a producer of fiction rather than fact.

John thought it was in the best interests of the British public to use the likes of Nick Lowles, Joe Mulhall and their crew at Hope Not Hate, to defame, besmirch and slander the man Tommy Robinson by making a fictional documentary about him. That was the beginning of the end of John Sweeney’s career at the BBC. Tommy and his team exposed his agenda to the world; he did that right outside the BBC head offices in Manchester. By implication, Tommy also exposed the insidious workings of Hope Not Hate. It’s hard to believe that the government take their work seriously when they are so determined to push out lies to paint a narrative they want. Like the term “Islamophobia” perhaps?

Joe Mulhall Hope Not hate

Joe Mulhall – Consipring With The BBC

The Cost Of Truth-Telling

There is an irony here that everyone should be made aware of. Tommy and his team shed sunlight on the BBC, Panorama and it’s far-left cohorts when they produced and aired their own documentary called Panodrama (featured above).

Hope Not Hate had actively set out to “train” people in what they needed to say when they were “interviewed” for John Sweeney’s fictitious documentary about Tommy. Several different sources have corroborated that fact with us. Also, John Sweeney himself set about “training” Lucy Brown in what story to make up and speak of during her “interview”.

Nick Knowles Gurning face

The Gurning Face Of Fabrication – Nick Lowles

Although Tommy and his team exposed the truth, it came with a high cost. What was left of Tommy Robinson’s massive online presence got removed shortly afterwards. Tommy was de-personed, de-platformed and banished to the fringes of the internet, not because he’s a hate preacher as some would tell you, but because he exposed corrupt media.

The BBC is without question – Britains Biggest Corruption.

Goodbye John and best wishes, love team Tommy!


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