John Cleese – RACIST!

by TR News

John Cleese had the audacity to say that London, a city he lived in, was no longer an ENGLISH city!!!!!

Oh the horror, the pain, the outrage!

So what did John Cleese do that triggered the outrage police so much?

He tweeted this….

The currency placed in victimhood and virtue signalling is astounding, pundits across the UK media establishment have gone apoplectic, completely insane!

Before we go any further, we must apologise to John as he will no doubt have an army of outraged social justice warriors typing furiously, foaming at the mouth telling him that he has legitimised racism, and as an example, he will be told to look to TR News for that confirmation.

We also have to apologise to Johns army of victimised frothing fruitcakes; you won’t be finding any racism here, just facts.

Why is it that an opinion, based on his observations, and also those of his friends who “live abroad” found that London is not an English city anymore? John also made the point that London, as a city, voted most strongly to “remain” in the EU.

Gasp, shock, horror, RACIST!!!!

Was John explicitly referring to the massive demographic change in London, which he could have done or was John talking about a cultural “Englishness”?

It just goes to show that the perpetual victim class of social justice white knights only see through the lens of race. Unfortunately, these regressive reprobates want to smash “Englishness” and replace it with a jumble of profanity and insanity.

John, we don’t blame you for leaving us because culturally, we are in a right mess, but that’s the regressive-left for you!


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