Jeremy Corbyn – Endorses Tommy Robinson!

by TR News

Has Jeremy Corbyn finally accepted responsibility for his party’s Anti-Semitic ways?

Has Jeremy Corbyn finally realised that his “friendship” with the likes of proscribed terrorist organisations such as Hamas and Hizballah was wrong?


Standing Proud Jezza, Standing Proud!

It would seem so, Jeremy “Commie” Corbyn has finally renounced the mental illness within his party and fully endorsed Tommy Robinson as his preference for MEP in the North West of England. He did so while resigning from the Labour Party as it was “full on retarded and full of terrorist sympathisers.”

Good on ya Jezza!

Not sure how you are going to remove that commie tattoo off your head though mucka, you might be stuck with that!

Vote Tommy, Jezza will!


Just in case anyone on the left didnt notice – this is a satirical piece, you still may not understand what that is however we cant be bothered to explain it to you.


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